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Vodafone has refreshed its 5G home internet plans, introducing a new, slower but more affordable 50Mbps option. It killed its uncapped 5G plan, however, leaving it with just the 50Mbps option and the pre-existing 100Mbps option.

Either way, Vodafone mobile customers can save $5 a month on its two 5G home internet plans. You’ll normally pay $65 per month for the 50 Mbps plan, or $60 with the discount. The 100 Mbps option is $5 per more expensive.

Here are the new 5G home internet plans:

For comparison, Vodafone NBN 50 plans are priced at $65 per month for existing mobile customers or $80 per month otherwise. Either way, its new options represent a decent saving on its NBN lineup.

The same changes have taken place in the other brands of the Vodafone family: TPG, iiNet and Internode.

Here are their 5G home internet plans:

Again, these plans are a discount from their NBN 50 offerings. Here are the

Group NBN 50 plans:

It’s no surprise to see telcos scaling back their NBN plans with a 5G offering. Selling an NBN plan requires paying wholesale rates to NBN Co, which can be a large portion of what a provider charges you for a plan. But since Vodafone owns its network, it has nothing to pay NBN Co and as such gets a bigger profit margin.

The group’s 50 Mbps 5G home internet plans are the first of their kind and are clearly designed to compete with NBN 50 plans, which is the most popular NBN speed tier.

Telstra and Optus are your main other options for 5G home internet, but their plans are more expensive starting at $79 per month. Both have an uncapped plan, but Optus also has a 100Mbps capped plan.

Alex Choros is editor-in-chief of WhistleAustralia’s phone and internet comparison site.