“The VAB had high hopes that big data would be a big step forward in what Nielsen’s measurement and motto can bring to marketers, but after careful analysis, it’s clear to us that this first set of data is plagued with serious problems”, said the CEO of the VAB. Sean Cunningham in a statement. “Taking the time to right the wrongs now is in the best interests of the TV buy/sell market and gives Nielsen time to deliver on its promise to come to market with a more accurate solution. The VAB Measurement Innovation Task Force is ready to work with Nielsen on the issues we have raised, to help them better move towards better measurement.

In the letter, the VAB is asking for at least two types of disclosures to begin this process, including how Nielsen created the data and clarifications on the methodology, as well as disclosures on how to compare numbers based on a panel and big data.

The failures to release the initial September 2021 “big data” numbers mean Nielsen must stop releasing further market data “until these failures are corrected and adequate disclosures are made,” it said. declared the VAB.

Nielsen’s initial big data release is “riddled with illogical audience patterns and contradictions” that render it unusable, according to the VAB letter. The show also came months after the originally promised start in the second half of 2021 and did not provide meaningful disclosures on how the numbers were calculated, the letter said.

Among the inconsistencies between the big data figures and the current panel were significant audience gains, with big data showing significant audience gains among 18-49 year olds with concurrent declines among 25-49 year olds . The letter also cited “wild swings in gender-based results across many daytime games/genres/programs” that “defy any pattern or logical explanation.”