Even though data management has seen constant innovation in recent years, the human and process side of the equation continues to lag behind as it can still be difficult for domain experts to trust and gain information from data.

With cost control, productivity and efficiency being priorities for businesses, the need for data intelligence has become more critical, especially when scaling data from an organizational perspective, according Felix Van de Maele (pictured), Founder and CEO of Collibra NV, who said it inspired the concept of “data citizen” because everyone in the company should have easy access to reliable data.

“We all know the constraint and the challenges of data, how to actually do data at scale,” Van de Maele said. “Now is the time to look beyond technology and infrastructure to think about how to scale data, manage data at scale. And that’s why it’s really time to deliver this vision of data intelligence, the data intelligence platform.

Van de Maele spoke to industry analyst theCUBE Dave Vellante at “Data Citizens 2022”,, during an exclusive broadcast on theCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media’s live streaming studio. They discussed the importance of data intelligence in business and how quality and observability fit into the picture. (*Disclosure below.)

Observability and data quality are key

As data becomes mission critical, Van de Maele believes observability and quality aspects must be considered. Therefore, advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence are useful when monitoring data pipelines in the cloud.

“I think there are a lot of reasons why we’re so excited about quality and observability now,” he said. “One is leveraging AI and machine learning to drive greater automation. The second is that these data pipelines that are now being built in the cloud, in these modern data architectures, have become essential to the mission. They have become real time.

The need for a data marketplace is driven by both innovation and product perspective. Therefore, Collibra’s goal is to facilitate its accessibility, according to Van de Maele.

“How can we provide a real shopping experience so that anyone in your organization can, in a very simple search, find the right data product, find the right data set?” He asked. “How can we help organizations drive adoption, tell them where they are doing really well and where they have opportunities?”

With the data intelligence mission being at the core of Collibra, Van de Maele believes it kickstarted the data-citizen goal. Therefore, the vision is to continue to make data reliable and mission critical.

“How can we ensure that Collibra becomes this type of critical enterprise platform from a security performance architecture scale?” He asked. “Our mission is to deliver trusted data for every user, every use case, and across every source. So while it’s been an incredible journey over the past 14, 15 years, I think we’re still relatively early in our mission to be able to [enable] everyone… to be able to use reliable data in an easy way.

One of the main differentiators of Collibra is its ability to generate a lot of automation through workflows. This, together with Collibra Protect for Snowflake, makes data governance transparent, according to Van de Maele.

“We delivered a new low-code, no-code workflow designer experience. So really, customers can take it to the next level,” he noted. “There are a lot more new products around Collibra Protect, which in partnership with Snowflake – who have been a strategic investor in Collibra – have focused on how to make access governance easier? How can we ensure that when you move to the cloud, things like access management, sensitive data, PII data are handled much more efficiently?”

Here’s the full video interview, some of SiliconANGLE and theCUBE’s coverage of the Data Citizens Event 2022:

(*Disclosure: TheCUBE is a paid media partner for the Data Citizens Event 2022. Neither Collibra NV, the event coverage sponsor of theCUBE, nor the other sponsors have editorial control over the content of theCUBE or SiliconANGLE.)

Photo: SiliconANGLE

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