Prediktor currently has a portfolio of 7 GW of renewable energy assets, mainly from solar photovoltaic. Image: Anders J via Unsplash.

Norwegian energy data and intelligence firm TGS has acquired renewable energy asset and real-time data manager Prediktor.

TGS will provide the necessary resources for the asset manager to develop its solar and wind assets on a “broad global scale” after strengthening its position in the energy transition segment in recent years.

With a portfolio of 7 GW of renewable energy assets primarily from solar PV, Prediktor provides asset management solutions and real-time data to owners of renewable energy projects and optimizes the performance of its assets.

In addition, with this acquisition, the renewable energy analytics company continues its expansion into data-driven solutions after launching its “New Energy Solutions” initiative in February 2021, aimed at providing gas emissions data to greenhouse effect.

Kristian Johansen, CEO of TGS, said, “Prediktor will become another important part of realizing our vision to create an energy industry gateway providing integrated solutions for data and actionable insights to support decision-making. , project development and asset performance management throughout the life of the energy project. cycles and markets.