Ahana, the only SaaS for Presto on AWS seeking to become the Open Data Lakehouse SQL engine, announces its enhanced support for the Velox Open Source project, increasing engineer assignment and contributor involvement. Velox, created by Meta, is a C++ database acceleration library focused on improving data computing engines.

“Velox is set to be another dynamic open source project created by Meta with a significant impact on the industry. It caught our attention because it enables developers to create highly efficient data processing engines,” said said Steven Mih, co-founder and CEO of Ahana. “It is understood that at Meta there are various opportunities to improve data processing at scale and as a result pioneering innovations are developed. As data becomes central to every organization, we see many teams of enterprise data facing similar challenges around the consistency of various data systems, which Velox-based systems could solve. collaborative project.

Velox’s capabilities lie in its high-performance, reusable and scalable data processing components, essential for improving, accelerating and extending data computing engines. The roots of the project run deep, being integrated with more than a dozen data systems at Meta, such as Presto, Spark, and PyTorch. Ahana’s main Velox contributors are lead engineers Deepak Majeti, Aditi Pandit, and Ying Su.

“To our knowledge, Velox is a pioneering effort to unify runtimes in a centralized open source library. In addition to the efficiency gains due to its cutting-edge components, Velox also offers benefits in terms of increased consistency between big data engines and by promoting reuse,” said Pedro Pedreira, software engineer at Meta. “We see Velox as an important step towards a more modular approach to data management system architecture. Our long-term goal is to position Velox as a de-facto runtime engine in the industry, following the path blazed by Apache Arrow for the columnar memory format. We are thrilled with the momentum the project is gaining, and the engagement and partnership with Ahana engineers and other open source contributors.”

For more information on this announcement, go to https://ahana.io/.