March 11, 2022

**While drafting the law, Shaheen drafted a provision marking the biggest improvement to the Affordable Care Act in a decade**

** Shaheen helped secure significant federal assistance for state and local governments facing severe budget shortfalls. **

(Washington, DC) – U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) released the following statement on the first anniversary of the American Rescue Plan Act, which was signed into law by President Biden on March 11, 2021. Shaheen supported and worked to secure many of New Hampshire’s priorities in law, including key provisions of its legislation that reduce costs and expand access to health care for millions of Americans – the biggest improvement in Affordable Care Act since it came into effect over a decade ago.

“One year after the US bailout became the law of the land, we are seeing significant impact in our communities, from municipalities now having access to critical resources to meet unique local needs to increase funding for our care providers of health who have been on the front line for two years. When Democrats drafted this bill, it was with the intent not only to help Americans through the pandemic, but also to provide them with the resources they need to recover. And that is precisely what we are seeing as people rebuild and we start to put the pandemic in the rearview mirror,” said Shaheen. “However, our work is not finished. In addition to responding to the long-term impact of the pandemic – by ensuring access to vaccines, antiviral drugs and providing economic security for heavily affected industries – we must see the state do its part and secure the funds already allocated. We have millions of dollars available to us in New Hampshire for housing, child care, and other hard-hit areas that need help today. As Congress continues its work to provide states with the necessary means in the weeks and months ahead, Granite State leaders must get the dollars they have to residents now.

Shaheen has worked to include premium tax credit-enhancing provisions in his legislation — the Health Insurance Affordability Improvement Act — that extends coverage to millions of Americans who don’t. are currently uninsured and reduces health care costs for millions more people who already have coverage, which is especially critical during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Over the past year, the US bailout has delivered for New Hampshire in the following ways:

  • Support for state and local governments and increased flexibility in the use of funding: Senator Shaheen helped lead negotiations in the Senate and with the Biden administration on measures related to funding assistance to state and local governments. She has also worked to ensure flexibility in this funding so that states and municipalities can be effective and efficient in how dollars are spent to better meet needs on the ground. Since the bill was signed into law, Shaheen’s office has held several virtual workshops for municipalities on how these funds can be used. According to data released by the NH Fiscal Policy Institute last month, approximately $579.7 million in flexible federal funds were available for the state of New Hampshire to distribute to municipalities that can be used in a variety of ways, thanks to the efforts of Shaheen during negotiations.
  • Increased federal funds for Supplier Relief Fund: During negotiations with the Senate and the White House, Shaheen helped guide efforts to increase funding for the Provider Relief Fund to ensure that hospitals, nursing homes and other health care providers in frontlines have the support they need to keep their doors open and continue caring for Granite Staters and Americans across the country.
  • Federal investments to help child care and tackle the housing crisis: Senator Shaheen has been a tireless advocate for increased federal assistance to help child care centers and organizations that help our vulnerable communities, including the homeless. The ARP included significant resources to meet these urgent needs. Shaheen worked to provide $152 million in federal funds for rental assistance through ARP. Shaheen also helped secure $50 million in federal mortgage assistance, which has yet to be distributed by the state. Similarly, Senator Shaheen has helped deliver more than $77 million in child care funding to the state of New Hampshire. Discretionary funds to strengthen the child care workforce and stabilize the sector have not yet been distributed.
  • Resources to support crisis-affected veterans: Senator Shaheen supported provisions in the bill that provide resources to the Department of Veterans Affairs to ensure veterans receive the benefits and care they deserve. The bill included $750 million for state veterans homes to keep residents safe during the pandemic.

Senator Shaheen is a member of the bipartisan group of lawmakers that led negotiations around COVID-19 relief, as well as the bipartisan infrastructure bill. The COVID-19 relief bill signed into law in December 2020 contained Shaheen-brokered legislation that provided urgent assistance to American students, families, businesses, workers and healthcare providers affected by public health and economic crises. Senator Shaheen played a similar leadership role as negotiator of the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security) Act, which was signed into law in March 2019 and secured an initial $1.25 billion from New Hampshire. dollars to help with COVID-19 response efforts. Shaheen helped lead discussions on CARES provisions to help small businesses and established the Paycheck Protection Program and expanded Economic Disaster Loan Program, both of which have been lifelines for businesses in New Hampshire and nationwide. Shaheen was also a key negotiator for the bipartisan infrastructure bill that was signed into law last year.


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