Photo: Rohr-Idreco

Rohr-Idreco Dredge Systems has added two new Cutter Suction Dredger (CSD) models to its product line. Rohr-Idreco developed the Hawk CSD model to dredge up to 45ft and the Falcon CSD up to 65ft with a 26in. pump. The dredges are electrically driven, including the pump, cutterhead and winches, with an additional diesel generator installed on board when there is no possible access to mains power. Rohr-Idreco says diesel generators will eventually be replaced by hydrogen-based power systems or fuel cells. By eliminating the mechanical and hydraulic drive systems, Rohr-Idreco claims that energy efficiency is greatly improved, even when the dredges are running on diesel generators. With a dual mode – connecting the dredge to the power grid when possible and running on diesel when not – the dredges can be put to work on traditional contract dredging projects, as well as projects in sensitive environments or urban where zero-emission operations are mandatory.

Machine control solution designed for mixed fleets

Photo: Topcon

Photo: Topcon Positioning Group

Topcon positioning group launched its MC-Max machine control solution. According to Topcon, MC-Max is a scalable solution for mixed fleet heavy equipment environments. It is based on Topcon’s MC-X machine control platform and backed by Sitelink3D, the company’s cloud-based real-time data management ecosystem. MC-Max is designed to adapt to an owner’s machine control and data integration needs as fleets and workflows grow. According to Topcon, MC-Max increases processing power, speed, accuracy, versatility and reliability, and it can be installed on a range of bulldozers and excavators using the same basic modular components. Additionally, Topcon says the MC-Max solution offers flexible mounting solutions, as well as optional automatic blade and bucket control for a variety of machines.

Remote control technology offers a unique opportunity

Photo: caterpillar

Photo: caterpillar

Large Cat 374 and 395 excavators can now be equipped with Command for Excavating, providing remote operation. caterpillar dit Command for Excavating keeps operators away from potentially hazardous jobsite conditions by providing remote machine operation at a safe distance, eliminating safety hazards and reducing injuries associated with mounting and descending machinery. Offering line-of-sight and non-line-of-sight operation options, Command for Excavating users comfortably control digging, lifting and tracking functions from outside the cab. The technology allows production to restart immediately after disruptive processes, such as blasting in quarries.

System expands blaster capabilities

Photo: BME

Photo: BME

BME launched Axxis Titanium, a next-generation electronic detonation system. According to BME, the Axxis Titanium detonator expands the capabilities of blasters and blasting engineers while enabling greater digital integration with on-mine systems. According to the company, Axxis Titanium allows for increased safety, larger sandblasts, more precise sandblasting and greater flexibility. Key features are dual capacitors that enable intrinsically safe logging and testing; logging and quick bench testing; non-volatile detonator memory; programmable time delay to 35 seconds, in 1 millisecond intervals; 0.0025% lag accuracy; and copper alloy detonator shell.

Deployment of the Accounts Receivable and Payments module

TAC Insight has announced the release of its Accounts Receivable and Payments module for Fast-Weigh.  Logo: TAC Insight

Overview of the TAC added an Accounts Receivable (AR) and Payments module for Fast-Weigh, its flagship product. With the new module, TAC Insight says users have full RA and credit management, as well as secure PCI-compliant debit card, credit card and ACH transactions through BASYS Processing. Combining Fast-Weigh with payment processing helps streamline the process of selling hardware and collecting payment, says TAC Insight. Additionally, the company claims that Fast-Weigh AR & Payments offers customers easy and inexpensive processing rates with no hidden fees, allowing them to deposit funds at the bank of their choice. With the module, producers can enable their customers to pay invoices, record and manage payment methods, and view their billing and payment history.