Varanasi: Varanasi Smart City held a webinar on Friday on “Data Management by Geospatial Approach in Smart City Development”.
Chief General Manager of Varanasi Smart City, Dr. D Vasudevan said that India is becoming prosperous day by day in the technical field. To further strengthen this chain, various unique initiatives have been taken in the field of technology by Varanasi Smart City. The Kashi Integrated Command and Control Center operates as an “integrated war room” in Varanasi during the Covid-19 outbreak, along with city surveillance, solid waste management, environmental monitoring . Kashi Geo Hub is also a milestone compiling essential data and statistics of the city of Varanasi.
The keynote speaker, Dr. Sudhakar Shukla, Division Head, School of Geoinformatics, Center for Remote Sensing Applications, Uttar Pradesh, spoke about the efforts and use of geospatial approach in data management by through a presentation.
Dr. Shukla said the data management and connectivity work has been done in a unique way and Varanasi Smart City has set an example across the country. Technical and efficient data management is fundamental to developing any city as a smart city, he added. Addressing the webinar, Dr. NS Rajput from IIT (BHU) described spatial data as a very important factor for the future at the administrative and urban level. He also explained how the Spatial Data System is used in institutions like IIT-BHU, Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, Dehradun, Yogi Veman University, Andhra Pradesh, etc. tnn