Data-as-a-service collaboration creates a uniquely scaled CTV solution for leading brands and agencies

Similarweb, a leading digital intelligence company, announced a new collaboration with EDO, Inc., the data and analytics platform that measures predictive outcomes for convergent television – the unification of streaming and traditional linear television. The alliance will produce a scaled solution for CTV measurement.

EDO will receive internet activity data from Similarweb on an hourly basis and will compare and measure the increase in digital behaviors with the more than half a billion impressions per day that EDO observes across linear TV and in streaming.

“Measurement of convergent TV continues to be at the heart of our customer conversations, especially as the streaming industry continues to grow rapidly,” said Sam Bloom, CEO of Camelot Strategic Marketing & Media. “Our customers – who range from modern marketers in midsize businesses to giant corporations – like Experian, TurboTax and Michael’s have long requested more detailed insights into their streaming ad performance. EDO’s new solution and from Similarweb will help us achieve this goal while improving the performance of streaming investments.”

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“We are excited to work with EDO in a unique large-scale data-as-a-service integration”

“EDO and Similarweb’s syndicated solution gives modern marketers predictive insights into consumer interest and behavior,” said Kevin Krim, President and CEO of EDO. “As we approach the initial season and new season 2023, the loss of signal due to privacy changes is taking its toll on outdated scheduling and allocation strategies. EDO is the only company to turn granular, aggregated search and site visit data into predictive, actionable outcome metrics with Similarweb’s comprehensive web behavioral insights. Together, we will deliver the market’s best understanding of how consumers respond to convergent TV ads. »

“We are excited to work with EDO on a unique large-scale data-as-a-service integration,” said Or Offer, CEO and co-founder of Similarweb. “Streaming will increasingly become an advertising-rich environment where consumers will spend more time, and the ability of brands to drive conversions from OTT engagements will depend on the visibility, data and insights that Similarweb and EDO provide together.”

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The insights gained from this collaboration will help brands, agencies and networks know what solutions work and how to best maximize consumer engagement. It will also expand EDO’s existing consumer engagement dataset for OTT, increasing the number of household panels surveyed from hundreds of thousands to millions.

Similarweb’s comprehensive web insights and analytics will allow EDO to identify advertisements viewed by households in a targeted geographic area and the resulting consumer behavior after viewing the advertisements, revealing granular measurement insights previously unavailable to customers.

Customer privacy is a fundamental principle of Similarweb and EDO and is a top priority in this collaboration. As the privacy landscape continues to rapidly evolve, EDO has developed a solution prepared for future changes in consumer preferences and legislation.

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