Seagate® Technology Holdings plc (NASDAQ: STX), a global leader in mass data storage infrastructure solutions, announced the launch of Lyve™ Cloud Analytics Platforma complete cloud-based analytics solution that includes storage, compute, and analytics, to help you Cloud of Lyve customers reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and accelerate ROI with their DataOps and MLOps (Machine Learning Operations). By adding analytics capability to the most fluid cloud storage, Seagate enables enterprises to enable their data stored in an open data lake architecture for petabyte-scale analytics, further accelerating time to implementation and innovation, generating savings of up to 40% compared to other available solutions. offers in the market.

In today’s data sphere, multicloud has become a common cloud strategy for enterprises, but complex data access challenges and unpredictable costs hinder the optimal use of data. These challenges pose even greater hurdles for data-intensive industries, where companies rely heavily on the vast amount of collected data to train their data analytics, AI, and machine learning systems. According to research firm Gartner, only 53% of AI projects reach production from prototype due to lack of tools suitable for scale.

Leveraging its own industry-leading manufacturing experience, Seagate offers preconfigured, comprehensive analysis code solutions for time series, tabular data management, and image analysis, along with included professional services that can dramatically reduce the time to implement analytics in a production environment from 12 hours. -18 months to less than 4 months.

“With the increasing use of data analytics and AI to achieve greater efficiency, sustainability and innovation for business growth, the introduction of the Lyve Cloud Analytics Platform was the most compelling feature. most wanted for Lyve Cloud,” said Ravi Naik, chief information officer and executive vice president of storage services for Seagate. “Through the Lyve Cloud Analytics platform, we enable our customers to break down data silos and harness the power of data. We believe the platform with our professional services will facilitate critical decision-making, leading to greater efficiency, faster innovation, and long-term business growth.

As one of the largest data storage manufacturers, Seagate also had to equip itself with the right cloud infrastructure. Every day, Seagate’s seven AI-enabled large-scale manufacturing sites around the world generate more than 50TB of image and parametric data, which is added to its 15PB data lake and made available for analysis.

“As Seagate strives for the highest quality and efficiency, we have invested heavily in analytics and AI. One of the biggest improvements is in our wafer manufacturing process, where we have successfully removed a number of the tens of thousands of steps from the overall production process,” said Sthitie Bom, Senior Director of Engineering at Seagate Technology. “In the space of two years, using the analysis framework developed by the Seagate team, we have increased the number of sampling steps that can be skipped by 150%, which has allowed us to significantly reduce the time platelet cycle. We expect an additional threefold increase as our analytics framework progresses within the Lyve Cloud Analytics platform over the next few years, resulting in significant capital savings.

The Lyve Cloud Analytics platform will benefit companies in manufacturing and other industries at multi-petabyte data scale, including semiconductors, healthcare, retail, energy, and more. The comprehensive offering pre-configured in partnership and integration with various leading analytics and IT vendors provides enterprises with a smart, out-of-the-box solution to innovate and grow their business.

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