MARLBOROUGH, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Market-leading innovator in digital laboratory transformation, Scitara, has announced a partnership with Agilent, a leader in analytical and diagnostic technologies. This announcement enables the integration of Scitara’s SIP Science Integration Platform with Agilent’s Software and Computing Division product portfolio, including chromatography software and laboratory workflow management solutions.

Scitara’s SIP provides a universal connectivity solution in a native cloud infrastructure that enables science labs to take full advantage of digital transformation. Data mobility plays a critical role as lab automation and workflow management continue to take center stage in the digital lab debate. SIP integration with Agilent’s OpenLab CDS (chromatography data system) and SLIMS (laboratory workflow management software) will provide seamless and fully configurable access to a wide range of instruments, applications and lab resources, facilitating the immediate mobility of lab data.

Thomas Schmidt, Marketing Manager for Agilent’s Software and IT Division, explains: “Agilent’s OpenLab CDS offers the only open platform for chromatography data. Scitara’s SIP integration adds new data integration functionality for our chromatography customers, delivering enhanced digital transformation through multi-directional data and workflow management. More agile data management will help our customers optimize their lab operations and increase business efficiency. »

The partnership will enable two-way communication with SLIMS, initiating lab integration workflows that will facilitate the exchange of data to and from SLIMS using Scitara’s Digital Lab Exchange DLX™, providing universal connectivity in a GxP compliant environment .

Similar two-way communication with OpenLab CDS will include the ability for OpenLab to accept sample lists from external sources connected to Scitara DLX and exchange results with external applications also connected to Scitara DLX. Scitara is building an ever-growing list of connectors for analytical instruments and applications, including those from Agilent.

Ajit Nagral, Founder and CEO of Scitara added, “This partnership with Agilent validates and reaffirms Scitara’s SIP position as the industry’s leading integration platform. The industry has struggled to overcome the challenges of data integration and automation for decades, and Agilent has been instrumental in creating change. Agilent’s market-leading position in chromatography and its global CDS footprint means our partnership can bring exciting new benefits to science labs. Together, we provide the opportunity to extract maximum value from the wealth of scientific data generated, providing new connectivity and facilitating enriched data-driven decision-making.

To learn more about Scitara’s iPaaS for Science™ SIP, read our new white paper.

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