In this week’s real-time analytics news: Oracle and Microsoft team on Oracle Database Service for Microsoft Azure.

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Oracle and Microsoft announced the general availability of Oracle Database Service for Microsoft Azure. With this new offering, Microsoft Azure customers can easily provision, access, and monitor enterprise-grade Oracle database services in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) with a familiar experience. Users can migrate or build new applications on Azure and then connect to high-performance, high-availability managed Oracle Database services, such as Autonomous Database running on OCI. Specifically, with the new Oracle Database Service for Microsoft Azure, with just a few clicks, users can connect their Azure subscriptions to their OCI tenancy. The service automatically configures everything needed to bridge the two cloud environments and federates Azure Active Directory identities, making it easy for Azure customers to use the service. It also provides a familiar dashboard for Oracle Database Services on OCI using Azure terminology and monitoring with Azure Application Insights.

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pecan ai announced the addition of one-click template deployment and integration with popular CRMs, marketing automation, and other core business systems. Pecan customers can now take immediate action based on highly accurate predictions of future churn, lifetime value, demand, and other customer conversion metrics generated by Pecan. Additionally, Pecan has added live pattern monitoring to its automated predictive analytics platform for non-data scientists. The platform now continuously monitors live models for signs of degradation related to factors such as internal changes in consumer behavior or external changes in data integrity.

LivePerson announced the launch of Contact Center Conversation Mining, a customer experience tracking, measurement and optimization solution, powered by the Celonis Execution management system. Contact Center Conversation Mining combines process and conversation data from voice and digital interactions to optimize every customer interaction, generate new revenue streams and increase customer lifetime value. By combining conversational data from voice and digital customer-agent or chatbot interactions, Contact Center Conversation Mining enables automation and results based on what appears in customer conversations in near real-time.

Diwo announced the general availability of the Diwo Decision Intelligence (DI) platform. Diwo’s DI Platform offers an analytics experience designed to accelerate the journey from data to decisions by providing business users with actionable AI-powered recommendations in minutes rather than days. Diwo is purpose-built to solve the “last mile analytics” challenge with its ability to dynamically deliver contextual insights and proactively recommend the best action to optimize business goals and drive growth.

The news of real-time analysis in brief

Famous announced the release of Celebrus 9.6, an upgrade to its technology suite. Celebrus Cross-Domain Continuity maintains unified session data and context, including identity, when a visitor navigates between domains belonging to the same parent company. The solution complements the Celebrus Identity Graph, a feature of Celebrus Customer Data Platform (Celebrus CDP) and Fraud Data Platform (Celebrus FDP) that persists individual identity to capture journey data from personal information (PII) to engagement across multiple sessions, platforms, and now, across domains.

Ocient released version 20 of the Ocient Hyperscale data warehouse. New features and optimizations include a suite of indexes, native complex data types, and the creation of large-scale data pipelines to enable faster and more secure analysis of log and network data for workloads of several petabytes. Specifically, Ocient version 20 includes additional features to improve performance, streamline data integration, build large-scale data pipelines, and consolidate data movement for improved security.

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Dynatrace announced that it has enhanced its analytics capabilities for modern multi-cloud environments by unifying its AI-powered log analytics with its Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) capabilities, including Session Replay. This latest platform enhancement allows development teams to automatically gain deeper insight into specific user journeys by connecting logs to the user sessions that generated them. This additional context allows teams to use the capabilities of the platform to analyze user sessions and behavior and replay actions from any user journey.

Datatron announced the latest version of its enterprise-grade MLOps platform. Updates include increased flexibility, a new interface that simplifies the workflow for data scientists, and usability improvements for operations teams, resulting in additional productivity gains. The latest release simplifies AI and ML workflows by fully augmenting the process of operationalizing AI and ML for testing/validation, deployment and scale without requiring an IT team. expensive engineers.

HAProxy Technologies released a new version of the HAProxy Data Plane API – the parallel process that runs alongside HAProxy, providing API endpoints to manage the world’s fastest and most widely used software load balancer. HAProxy Data Plane API version 2.6 continues to prioritize expanded support for HAProxy configuration keywords for this release and the next release. This will allow using the HAProxy Data Plane API to configure HAProxy without any gaps in functionality.

Partnerships, collaborations and more

exabel announced the release of a new “Import Tasks” feature, which provides direct access Snowflake integration allowing customers to easily import new datasets into the Exabel platform. This will help Exabel customers gather all their alternative data in one place and leverage Exabel analytics to combine datasets and derive differentiated insights.

Talend announced enhanced support for Cloudera with the addition of new certification for Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) on public cloud, as well as CDP data services including Data Hub and Data Engineering. As a Cloudera Connect certified technology, Talend has been tested, validated and certified to work with CDP.

Clootrack announced the availability of its granular customer experience data on Snowflake Market. With Snowflake, Clootrack customers can discover and access a variety of third-party data and use datasets directly in their Snowflake account to query and merge with their data. This access to Snowflake Marketplace will eliminate the cost of building and maintaining various APIs and pipelines to load and update cloud-optimized data.

Veza announced that it has entered into a partnership with Google Cloud, including product integration that allows Google Cloud customers to leverage the capabilities of Veza’s Data Security Platform in their multicloud ecosystem. With this new integration, Google Cloud customers can now directly access Veza’s permission-based data security platform capabilities integrated with Google Cloud Policy Analyzer to identify, manage, and control external identities and accounts. service to Google Cloud services (Looker, BigQuery and Suite).

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lemon balm announced a partnership with innoscale DATAROCKET which integrates Melissa’s address validation, auto-completion, geocoding and sanctions list verification capabilities into the innoscale DATAROCKET Core Master Data Management (MDM) platform. With Melissa modules now included, DATAROCKET Core users can verify customer addresses in 240 territories as part of their data maintenance processes, have contact information auto-populated as you enter, and enrich customer data records with geodata.

SIOS technology announced that he has been accepted into the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Accelerate Program, a co-selling program for AWS Partners who provide software solutions that run on or integrate with AWS. AWS Marketplace SIOS AMIs provide customers with an easy and convenient way to try and purchase SIOS DataKeeper and LifeKeeper software to protect mission-critical applications on AWS.

Senet and Iota Communications (“IotaComm”) announced a partnership to provide advanced wireless networks for smart infrastructure sensors. Specifically, they will provide LoRaWAN through 915 MHz unlicensed spectrum and through IotaComm’s 800 MHz FCC-licensed spectrum network connectivity. Initial use cases will focus on smart buildings, smart cities, and critical infrastructure applications.

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