MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Storage company Pure Storage is working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide cloud-native storage for application containers.

Pure Storage and AWS have entered into a three-year strategic engagement for solution development and enablement programs around Pure’s Portworx family to help enterprises move Kubernetes workloads into production, according to Pure Storage. this month.

Their work aims to provide a complete Kubernetes storage platform for running data-rich applications at scale.

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) is a managed service for running and scaling Kubernetes on AWS, without the need to install, operate, and maintain a control plane or Kubernetes nodes.

As container adoption increases and more applications are deployed across the enterprise, Pure Storage believes enterprises want more options for managing the stateful and persistent data associated with these applications.

Portworx can provide an integrated solution to customers for developer-built Kubernetes applications: persistent storage, data protection, disaster recovery, data security, cross-regional and hybrid data migrations, and automated capacity management.

Portworx Enterprise helps data behave “like a cloud service”. Users can request storage based on their needs and let the data management layer “determine the details”.

Portworx PX-Backup adds enterprise-grade point-and-click backup and restore for all applications running on Kubernetes, including stateless ones.

As part of its work with AWS, Portworx also announced a Early Access Program for Portworx Backup as-a-Service (BaaS) on AWS.

Portworx BaaS on AWS introduces a data protection control plane to accelerate application and data recovery goals, providing speed and simplicity for application owners to back up Kubernetes applications.

Portworx BaaS is one of the “many” offerings as a service that the company will offer to its customers in the future.

The container storage engagement is the latest step in expanding the relationship between Pure Storage and AWS.

“We’re excited about the results we’ve seen with our many joint customers using our solutions together today, and we look forward to being able to accelerate Kubernetes applications for many more through our expanded relationship with AWS,” said said Murli Thirumale. , Vice President and General Manager, Cloud Native Business Unit, Pure Storage.

Deepak Singh, vice president of compute services at AWS, said that as more organizations adopt containers and Kubernetes to build and modernize applications, “solutions that accelerate their journey to the cloud are creating significant value”.

Singh said AWS’s work with Pure will give customers another option for backing up and managing data on Amazon EKS.