Alation Inc.a leader in enterprise data intelligence solutions, announced the launch of its podcast “Data radicals.” Hosted by Satyen Sangani, CEO and Co-Founder of Alation, “Data Radicals” is a trade show for business, data and technology enthusiasts looking to empower individuals and organizations to use data in powerful ways. . The podcast starts with the first 5 episodes available online, as well as Apple podcast, Spotifyand wherever podcasts are available, creating a culture of data.

“Data Radicals” is for anyone interested in how data, science and technology can help solve the world’s most pressing problems. Episodes explore how data leaders and academics are driving data culture and the role they play in changing the way people think and work. The podcast helps listeners understand how to facilitate data-driven decision-making and data literacy at all levels of an organization.

“The launch of ‘Data Radicals’ gives business leaders, entrepreneurs and those of us who are passionate about data a forum to discuss game-changing, even outlandish ideas that can transform the way we let’s use the data,” Satyen said. Sangani, host of “Data Radicals”. “My guests are cultural changemakers who use data in exciting ways and inspire others to do the same. It has been fascinating to delve into the ethics and business behind data, science and technology with experts who are redefining the industry.”

The show’s first guests include:

  • David Epstein, TED-talker and best-selling author of “RANGE” and “The Sports Gene” discusses the merits of generalists over specialists.
  • Bob Seiner, President and Principal, KIK Consulting, dives into a conversation about creating a data culture with data governance.
  • Jennifer Belissent, Senior Data Strategist at Snowflake, discusses how CDOs can build data literacy within their organization.
  • Paola Saibene, former State of Hawaii CTO and data consultant and expert, explains what data governance means.
  • Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic, Founder and CEO, storytelling with data, talks about how data can be used to paint a visual narrative.

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