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From time to time, Optus offers a massive 500GB mobile plan. This promo plan isn’t a constant feature in its lineup, but Optus has brought it back for the iPhone 14.

If you want a lot of data, this is your best value option from Optus. Excluding the handset refund fee, you’ll pay $69 per month for the first year, after which the plan price will increase to $89 per month.

For comparison, Optus normally gives you 220GB for $69 per month, or 360GB for $89. And since the plan is contract-free, you can always choose the $69 per month option if you don’t want to pay more after the first year.

The plan also includes upgrade and protection at no additional cost. Normally charged at $15 per month, Upgrade and Protect allows you to return your device for free within your last 12 months and upgrade to a new phone with a new plan, waiving additional handset charges. If you want to upgrade sooner, you will have to pay a $99 fee. This, of course, relies on your phone being in “good working order” – undamaged beyond normal normal wear and tear.

Alternatively, if you damaged your phone during your refund period, you can pay $249 to return it and upgrade to a new phone — again, waiving any other refund fees.

While we wouldn’t recommend most pay the extra $15 per month for the service, it’s a good option to build into the plan.

You can get Optus’ promotional 500GB plan as a SIM-only option:

But naturally, you can also pair it with a new device, like any of the new iPhone 14 range.

Here are Optus’ 24-month iPhone 14 plans:

Here are Optus’ 24-month iPhone 14 Plus plans:

Here are Optus’ 24-month iPhone 14 Pro plans:

And here are Optus’ 24-month iPhone 14 Pro Max plans:

This offer is valid until October 31, after which the promotional plan will probably disappear from Optus’ range again.

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