Open protocols and standards unlock high-performance, space-saving systems for any workflow, from theatrical long-form to live broadcast with Fox Sports

Modular approach to data management eliminates “rip and replace” pressure for peace of mind and turnkey configuration; reduces CapEx and OpEx costs

Scalable infrastructure prepares the business for data storage designed for the flexibility to handle any workload, from small operating system to large files, on-premises to cloud

LOS ANGELES, April 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — OpenDrivesInc., the global provider of enterprise-grade software storage solutions trusted by Fox Sports, HBO, Spotify and hundreds of others, today unveiled its open ecosystem solution at the 2022 NAB Show Powered by Atlas, the centralized hub for accessing, managing and moving data from a single window, the solution connects software, hardware and services to deliver flexible, modular and scalable workflow solutions, and completely agnostic.

“Media workflows require scalable and scalable enterprise-level infrastructures – monolithic, single-vendor products are not designed for modularity to keep pace,” said Sean Lee, director of strategy and operations at OpenDrives. “As former creators, producers, and studio engineers, OpenDrives understands that data is only as valuable as it can be accessed, managed, and transferred. Every workflow, from feature film to streaming direct, presents individual complexities – the open ecosystem provides the full range of solutions that drive performance results, regardless of size, scale or location.

OpenDrives uses open protocols and standards to future-proof the entire data lifecycle, regardless of scale, size, or location. By integrating best-in-class solution partners such as Creative Mobile Solutions (CMSI), EVS, Western Digital and Signiant, OpenDrives has created the industry’s first open ecosystem purpose-built to unleash data. Customers, including Fox Sports, have already begun to experience high performance throughputs and read/write speeds while eliminating redundant and disparate products that hurt the bottom line.

Open, agnostic infrastructure powers Fox Sports’ biggest events

For media pioneers like Fox Sports, where global audiences, a rapid transition to IP and UHD/4K (and soon 8K) content places high data demands on workflows, OpenDrives has already proven that it fueled both speed and simplicity to a seamless ending. user and viewer experience.

“Legacy systems required complete restructuring before each shoot and, worse, were prone to catastrophic hardware failures,” said Kevin Callahan, vice president of field operations and engineering, Fox Sports. “Dozens of ultra-high definition cameras, simultaneous live streams and events with millions of viewers required flexibility and scalability. OpenDrives provided the open, agnostic infrastructure we needed to run our biggest events, and we put it to the test. »

Fox Sports saw 3X throughput when moving to an open ecosystem for NASCAR 2021. CapEx and OpEx dropped when combining OpenDrives software integrations, including containerization and virtualization, with its hardware in the 2U form factor. Most recently, Fox Sports implemented the open ecosystem for the United States Football League restart.

“Our data performed seamlessly under two petabyte stress with multiple HelmetCams, up to 16 microphones per team, and our Megalodon,” Callahan added. “OpenDrives gave us the confidence in our system and ecosystem of solutions, to power the 80 live feed cameras and 8,000 mile distance between location and editing room for the FIFA World Cup, Qatar 2022.”

Open Ecosystem Solutions Come to Life at NAB Show 2022

OpenDrives introduces its software-driven storage solutions that redefine media and entertainment infrastructures with:

  • Atlas Core – the underlying software system that revolutionizes multi-vendor and multi-cloud solutions with a seamless framework that quickly and simply connects partner solutions.
  • Ultra hardware platform – the network-attached storage (NAS) solution designed for live streaming that offers scalability and scalability capabilities to meet individual complexities and performance requirements with a much smaller form factor.
  • hybrid cloud – Atlas and Ultra are powered by the open and agnostic ecosystem. Atlas can now manage OpenDrives’ own Atlas Cloud Plus and AWS storage, with future support for Google Cloud platforms and Azure services.

Atlas and Ultra form a seamless solution for increasingly remote enterprises at enterprise scale to match on-premises performance from anywhere in the world for:

  • Better spread – Data must be instantly accessible and mobile from anywhere at any time. OpenDrives Ultra hardware has allowed Fox Sports to increase onsite storage, save on rack space and overall footprint. 4X read/write speeds powered by Altas software.
  • First post-production – Media from camera card to workstation storage must be moved without conversion or compression. OpenDrives provided lightning-fast setup and speed to complete Dave Grohl’s documentary “What Drives Us” entirely remotely during the shutdowns.
  • Next generation architecture – Hybrid cloud today is designed for products that support linear, single-task architectures. The flexibility of an open ecosystem anticipates ever-changing needs as more businesses move to the cloud and content grows.

Unleash freedom of choice to meet individual performance needs

An open ecosystem also unlocks a network of cross-category experts to provide the right service and support to meet individual needs and performance results. Implementation and training divisions, industry technologists and engineers, customer service and post-production veterans – these are the teams that ensure the move from single-vendor products to an open ecosystem of solutions is as transparent as the implementation, deployment and use of the systems themselves.

“Most storage vendors don’t have all the technical capabilities to be truly hardware or software independent. Media organizations need excellence in the execution of their storage and cloud solutions. No company has all the answers for this complex ecosystem. The use of open standards and open APIs, so that media organizations can choose the most suitable providers, provides the necessary flexibility. Multi-vendor and multi-cloud solutions provide a path to optimize data storage in the media and entertainment industry,” said Tom Coughlin, analyst and consultant at Coughlin Associates, Inc.

Architecting the future of enterprise data storage rooted in M&E

Founded in 2011 to handle the first 6K movie for David Fincher’s “Gone Girl,” OpenDrives has evolved from state-of-the-art NAS solutions designed for media and entertainment by seasoned industry experts. Today, OpenDrives is building an open ecosystem for data management that meets the needs of customers on every continent and in new verticals, from media and entertainment to healthcare and enterprise, on-premises or in the cloud. .

“It will be the freedom of interoperability and data, and true ‘co-opetition’ between solution providers, that will move storage architecture into the future. Our vendor-neutral open ecosystem solution at NAB Show 2022 is just the beginning,” added Lee.

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About OpenDrive

OpenDrives, Inc. is a global provider of hyper-scalable, enterprise-grade software-based storage solutions. Founded in 2011 by media and entertainment post-production professionals, OpenDrives is designed for the most demanding and complex workflows, from Hollywood to healthcare, large and small businesses . Powered by an open ecosystem, with Atlas software at its core, OpenDrives provides flexible, modular, and scalable solutions that meet individual performance needs, on-premises and in the cloud. OpenDrives is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. To learn more about OpenDrives, visit

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