The new data research and evaluation program will provide educators in Norwalk Public Schools with real-time data to improve their classroom instruction.

Kristen Penta / Photo contribution /

NORWALK – A $ 1.4 million prize is intended to help the city’s public schools establish a comprehensive data research and evaluation program. The money is in addition to the $ 2.7 million in foundation funding already secured by the district for the 2022-2023 school year.

The Ritter Family Foundation, the Per and Astrid Heidenreich Foundation, the Grossman Family Foundation and the Be Foundation are funding the new program which will establish in-house data systems including a data warehouse, data analysis solutions and data visualization tools, according to a statement from Norwalk Public Schools.

With these systems, the district “will be able to better use the data to inform instructional practice and improve outcomes for all students. Educators will be able to collect and evaluate real-time data to improve daily education, ”the statement said.

The district can also use the funds to hire faculty to help implement the data-driven processes.

Norwalk Public Schools has already raised $ 1.67 million for next year through its partnership with Digital Promise and Verizon Innovative Learning to meet today’s technology needs. The district also received $ 210,000 from the Dalio Family Foundation to support the RISE network, which helps students at Brien McMahon High School stay on track to graduation through staff funding and support. Datas.

Other contributions from the foundation help fund several trails in the district.

“Norwalk Public Schools have established an excellent relationship with private funders, who appreciate the district’s focus on execution, data-driven education and professional development,” said Superintendent Alexandra Estrella in the press release. “These organizations recognize that innovation is key to ensuring students are ready for the future, but that gaps in public school funding can limit a district’s ability to grow.”

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