SEATTLE, WA, Oct. 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — TDWI Research has released its latest TDWI Best Practices Report: Maximizing Business Value with Data Platforms, Data Integration and Data Management. This original survey-based report focuses on how modernization trends in full-featured data platforms as well as independent data integration and management solutions are driving teams to increase the value of their business datasets. ‘company.

The report’s author, David Stodder, is TDWI Research’s senior director for business intelligence. He explains that companies need modern data capabilities across the enterprise to enable users to respond to business questions more quickly. Organizations also need data modernization to drive data-rich, AI-driven applications essential to today’s e-commerce and personalized customer relationships.

In the report, Stodder points out that “closer integration [is needed] between two traditionally separated worlds: one dedicated to analytics generation and integration, platforms and data management that support analytics, and the other dedicated to business applications and processes essential to business operations. »

This report reveals where organizations face the greatest challenges and how they can overcome them. Stodder notes that many organizations are now taking advantage of unified data environments, including emerging frameworks such as data mesh and data factories.

Report Highlights

This comprehensive report reveals several key findings:

  • Respondents show a strong appetite for modernization; more than half say their organizations are actively modernizing right now
  • Most organizations consider themselves successful in their efforts to move legacy business applications to cloud services, enable business processes to operate around the clock, and improve data governance, access control, and data privacy. data.
  • Digital transformation helps organizations achieve many data strategy goals, such as migrating data platforms, integrating and managing to the cloud, but advanced goals such as increasing applications with the AI/ML is a bigger challenge.
  • Compared to searches from the previous year, usage increased for data catalogs, graph databases and cloud data warehouses, but the same number uses an on-premises data warehouse

The report concludes with 10 best practice recommendations for maximizing the value of data platforms and independent data integration and management technologies and services.

This research was sponsored by Alation, Alteryx, Denodo, MongoDB, SAP and Snowflake.

Download the report here.

About the Author

DAVID STODDER is TDWI Research’s Senior Director for Business Intelligence. It focuses on providing research-based and best-practice insights for organizations implementing BI, analytics, data discovery, data visualization, performance management, and related technologies and methods. and has been a thought leader in the field for more than two decades. Previously, he ran his own independent business and served as Vice President and Director of Research at Ventana Research. He was the founding editor of Smart business where he also served as editorial director for nine years. You can reach him by email ([email protected]), on Twitter (@dbstodder) and on LinkedIn.

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