Texas A&M University Innovation Partners and the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES) Office of Marketing and Entrepreneurship recently partnered with StartupTree, Inc., creators of a fast-growing, leading software for managing academic entrepreneurship data. This new platform will track the performance and milestones of Texas A&M startups and act as a conduit between startups and helpful resources, including business mentors, legal advisors and potential investors.

By analyzing data related to technology transfer, intellectual property management, and business creation at Texas A&M, activities have been identified that can help fuel startups’ steady growth in volume and quality. Chris Scotti, President of the Texas A&M New Ventures Competition (TNVC) and Director of New Ventures at Texas A&M Innovation Partners, along with Lenae Scoggins, TNVC Vice President, and Clare Harwood, TNVC Chief Operating Officer, recognized the need for a more formalized management system to provide streamlined entrepreneurial support to Texas A&M inventors and startups.

“StartupTree is going to make it easier for our startups to succeed,” Scotti said. “It will make it easier for startups to find mentorship, funding, and other help they might need to bring technology to market.”

Leveraging this platform gives Texas A&M inventors an edge as they take the next steps in bringing their ideas to market. “StartupTree will enhance our ability to match appropriate service providers to the needs of these businesses while providing an online community for new businesses, mentors and tech service providers,” said Saraubh Biswas, Executive Director of StartupTree. Office of Marketing and Entrepreneurship of TEES. “We anticipate this effort will propel our startups to success at an even faster pace.”

StartupTree is a leading platform for entrepreneurship hubs that provides a centralized data repository for reporting company and attendee information, while helping to tailor programming around events, competitions, applications and mentoring. The company works with a growing network of more than 100 organizations, including Cornell University, Columbia Business School and the University of Texas System, as well as partners like the Blackstone Charitable Foundation.

“Technology commercialization is a new space for StartupTree. However, we foresee a similar trajectory to that of the supply for Entrepreneurship Centers where we work with pioneering directors to develop something really useful for this space over time,” said Theresa Kim, President of StartupTree. . “Texas A&M has already influenced the product in terms of data collection, including the ability for mentors and administrators to leave notes on company profiles. If we can play a role in developing data collection processes scalable data for Texas A&M within the platform, we see this will pay off over time, especially given the trend for external stakeholders to focus more on data.

“This software platform will allow us to more easily manage our pipeline of pre-enterprise customers, prioritize opportunities, and match customer needs with the right ecosystem resources and partners. Implementing this new system represents a big step forward for our fledgling New Ventures unit,” said Michael Sharer, associate vice president for commercialization and executive director of Texas A&M University Innovation Partners.

Platform implementation is currently underway as the StartupTree and Texas A&M teams work on customizing features. “The project team between the TEES Commercialization Office and Entrepreneurship and Innovation Partners is working hard to ensure specialized and innovative features are integrated that will meet the needs of our Texas A&M startup community. We plan to launch our pilot phase later this year,” Scotti said.

About StartupTree

StartupTree is the leading platform used by top universities and organizations to unlock the potential of ecosystems through data and building stronger networks. The company energizes mentorship, competitions, events and networking for participants to join, launch or develop the next big ideas, while developing skills for their careers. StartupTree is on a mission to democratize access to resources, including for underrepresented students and entrepreneurs.