New programs to better leverage the unique skills and experience of veterans, including as corrections officers and uniformed and health services, were launched today.

The schemes are part of the Strategic Action Plan for Veterans, which will today launch a series of measures to make the UK the best place in the world to be a veteran.

The plan features more than 60 commitments, totaling more than £70 million from across government, to increase employment, scale up health and wellbeing services and improve data and community understanding of Veterans.

A new recruitment program will be launched to accelerate veterans’ access to prison officer positions in around 50 prisons in England and Wales.

Departments including the Home Office, DWP and NHS England will also work together to step up veterans who work in blue light roles and the health service. This will be done through the NHS ‘Step into Health’ program and a formal network of managers between the MOD, DWP and uniformed services to share best practice.

Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Steve Barclay said:

Veterans make a fantastic contribution to society, and the measures announced today will help even more former military personnel realize their potential.

From more job opportunities, to better digital services and targeted support, the whole government is working to make the UK the best place in the world to be a veteran.

Ex-servicemen will also be targeted to move from ‘troops to teachers’ on a £40,000 training grant to become a secondary school teacher. The program will also allow students to benefit from the unique skills and knowledge that a military career offers.

The Great Place to Work for Veterans initiative, which guarantees interviews for public service veterans, will also be rolled out across all departments.

Minister of Defence, People and Veterans Affairs Leo Docherty said:

The Veterans Strategy Action Plan will boost employment, modernize services and help us better understand the needs of the veterans community.

Veterans already make an enormous contribution to society, and the plans presented today reinforce our commitment to enabling them to lead successful and healthy lives after service.

Veterans will also benefit from a £44million investment in digital services, with pensions and compensation schemes being fully digitized for the first time. This will help the 1.2 million pension plan members and 30,000 annual compensation claimants to access services faster and easier.

Over £20million of additional funding will be invested in health services in England, bringing further improvements to veterans’ mental health services, also known as Op COURAGE, and to address physical health needs through the Veterans Trauma Network. More NHS trusts and GP practices than ever before will become accredited for veterans.

NHS Chief Executive Amanda Pritchard said:

The personnel of our armed forces are a huge source of pride for our country, but veterans and their families must have access to NHS support that takes into account their unique situation.

In line with our long-term plan, the NHS is investing an additional £18 million to make our health services more accessible and to ensure that doctors’ surgeries and hospitals are even more veteran-friendly so that veterans and their families get the services. they need, closer to home. , which we know they want.


Notes to Editors:

The Veterans Strategy Action Plan launched today covers three key areas:

  • Understanding the Veteran Community – by stepping up research in areas such as housing, using 2021 Census data, and researching the experience of female Veterans
  • Transforming services for veterans – with a range of measures boosting employment, increasing funding for mental health services and building skills
  • Recognize the contribution of our veterans to society – by launching an independent review of the impact of pre-2000 practices on LGBT veterans, promoting positive perceptions of veterans, and signaling veterans to support

Key commitments of the Veterans Strategy Action Plan include:

Employment and skills

Veterans and former combatants will benefit from increased promotion of opportunities to access uniformed and health services, including through increased sharing of resources between departments and the creation of a formal network of local service officials. DWP to promote employment opportunities for veterans. Veterans will also be encouraged into the teaching profession, through the Troops to Teachers program and the Career Transition Partnership helping veterans use the Get School Experience service.

Direct civil service assignments of outgoing military personnel will also be launched, with a target of 100 assignments per year by 22023/24.

Opportunities for veterans to access a wider range of academic and professional roles will be enhanced through the Enhanced Learning Credits program.

Health care

As well as additional £20m funding, the action plan will see NHS England consolidate the three bespoke mental health services for veterans under the Op COURAGE umbrella into one integrated service. term, making it easier to navigate the system for veterans and their families. .

NHS England will also ensure that all primary care networks have an accredited ‘Veteran Aware’ GP practice and will consider having Veteran Aware staff in social care settings.

Understanding the Veteran Community

Following the very first question on veterans, which appeared in the 2021 census, an analysis of census data will be undertaken to better understand the needs of the veteran community. Using this data, the government will publish official statistics on the frequency of suicides among veterans. Experts from academia and charities will be convened to understand the effect of the withdrawal from Afghanistan on veterans and their families. Better data on veterans approaching local authorities who are homeless will be collected. Providing digital identification to veterans, to verify their status, will also be considered.