RESTON, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Neustar, Inc., a TransUnion Company, today announced the launch of its Marketing and Analytics Cleanroom. This first-of-its-kind solution combines the advanced identity resolution, machine learning (ML), and privacy-enhancing technology (PET) capabilities of Neustar and TransUnion into a single platform. This easy-to-use solution powers data collaboration, identity resolution, audience targeting, and measurement across first-party customer data, as well as secondary and third-party distribution channels and media partner sources.

According recent study by Forrester Consulting1 which assessed the readiness of American companies for significant changes in customer data and B2C marketing, “Brands know their marketing programs are due for disruption as more restrictive privacy regulations, protections browser and device and closed ecosystems threaten their delivery of relevant content, valuable and ethical customer experiences.

The Neustar Marketing and Analytics cleanroom has been designed to run a wide variety of marketing, measurement and analytics use cases, while providing the privacy-enhancing technologies needed to protect against data impairment. and data privacy issues.

This revolutionary solution fills the gaps faced by other cleanroom solutions by combining native identity data and ML-powered graph capabilities with extensive integrations across the media and marketing world, including TV providers linear and connected and the enclosed gardens. It enables multiple organizations and internal teams to collate data for joint analytics, media activation and marketing metrics in a secure way. This cloud-based environment allows customers to:

  • Implement data governance, privacy, and compliance controls for data collaboration

  • Model audiences based on attributes, performance, and lookalikes

  • Run closed-loop measurements, including range and frequency analysis

  • Integrate first-party data from customer relationship management (CRM), customer data platform (CDP), and other customer data sources

  • Leverage second and third party data from brand partners, distributors, data providers, walled gardens and media sources

The Marketing and Analytics Cleanroom also eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming data management tasks by simplifying data loading, normalization, and identity resolution. This allows data scientists to focus more on innovation, building models for critical targeting and audience measurement use cases and delivering actionable insights to improve marketing performance.

“Our cleanroom, unlike most of what you see on the market today, powers a wide variety of advanced marketing, measurement and data science use cases,” said Steve Silvers, SVP and GM of Product at Neustar. “Our teams have spent years developing and refining the core privacy-enhancing technology, machine learning, and identity graph capabilities that brands and publishers need to securely manage and activate consumer data. security on all their ecosystem partners.”

To learn more about the Neustar Marketing and Analytics Cleanroom, visit room.

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1 A study by Forrester ConsultingTransforming customer data management, bridging the gap between consumer privacy and people-centric marketing (Forrester Research, Inc., 2021), page 3.