MARIN’s goal is to provide a web-based, easy-to-use, easy-to-access, one-stop-shop self-sufficiency tool for the fleet to find, download and apply authoritative fleet technical data. systems. In addition to providing a host of capabilities for various Navy system commands, SAILOR’s primary functions include:

  • Hosting of logistics documents, technical manuals, training videos and other critical technical product data;
  • Hosting software libraries to include security updates and device configuration files
  • Provide basic system and platform configuration matrices with approved documents;
  • Provide a quick overview of Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) and Navy 311 trouble tickets;
  • Provide transfer services to move large public affairs imagery, media and associated files from ship to shore in direct support of the public affairs business, chief information officer and director of Navy Department Information;
  • Provide technical bulletin board forums for technicians to resolve issues and make recommendations to each other; and
  • Deployed Aspera Download Manager to automatically resume broken downloads and improve “overseas” download speeds up to five times faster on existing bandwidth.

“The new interface design is our team’s response to fleet feedback for faster, more streamlined access to technical content,” said Krista Thorn, SAILOR’s Technical Manager for Product Data Management. “We designed the SAILOR homepage to be tailored to the fleet user’s platform specific setups so they can navigate and download critical technical data in 1-3 clicks. This allows the warfighter to resume the job at hand with the necessary documentation for much-needed system guidance and support.

The interface change was driven by two consistent feedback received from the fleet – the need for simplified navigation and improved search capability.

The homepage is an essential “hub” for fleet users and has been reorganized for quick visual identification to access the latest technical manuals, software files, fleet advisory messages and other documentation and patches reviews. Now when a fleet customer logs into the home page, the user’s platform-specific systems come to the fore rather than having to perform additional steps to retrieve documentation relevant. This answered the signal of demand for improved navigation.

“It was so much easier to navigate through my various systems for my platform as well as view items categorized by last upload or last update,” said an IT1 serving aboard USS Lake Champlain (CG 57 ).

To address the simplified search aspect of the redesign, fleet users can now click on the search tool in the SAILOR header to instantly select the type of information needed, whether a document, a video, an ITSM ticket or a list of certified parts. Allowing the customer to select the type of information they are looking for will narrow down relevant results, which equates to less manual research time.

All contractors, federal employees or sailors will need an active SAILOR account to access the SAILOR beta site. To provide feedback, access the current site at When logging in, select “Yes” to the question asked in the pop-up window, “Do you have time to test our SAILOR beta site and provide feedback?” SAILOR users will enjoy almost immediate access to our SAILOR Beta site.

“Users should take a self-guided tour by navigating the new homepage, viewing headers and drop-down menus, reviewing widget information, searching for ITSM tickets and other relevant documents,” said Thorn.

Users should then select the yellow “Beta Test Survey” in the header bar at the top of the page to provide feedback and feedback to the SAILOR team. This soft launch and survey will be available until November 18, 2022. The SAILOR team plans to rule on user feedback over the next month and then release the final design in late November.

A user navigating the new SAILOR interface for the first time and then providing a feedback survey will take approximately 10 minutes. These survey responses are crucial to the final development and release of SAILOR’s new look.

With a focus on Sailor self-sufficiency, NAVWAR continues to improve the MARIN toolset by responding to customer demand, various lessons learned, and command direction.


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