MicroAd Inc., one of Japan’s largest data companies, will begin selling alternative data to institutional investors through FactSet Research Systems’ financial data platform. FactSet also began offering alternative data for investment decision-making, which was MicroAd’s initial big data analysis.

Alternative data for improving investment decision-making

The use of alternative data has become an essential investment decision tool for many institutional investors in recent years. In 2020, the global market size reached $1.7 billion expansion. The number of data providers offering alternative data for the collection, analysis and processing of different types of data to institutional investors has also increased.

Alternative data is used for investment decision-making in different areas, such as smartphone location information and data sourcing, other than economic statistics and corporate financial information.

Extension of the MicroAd service

MicroAd is known for developing specialized products for different industries, focusing on the UNIVERSE data platform. This platform collects a massive amount of offline and online consumer data consumption behavior.

The data company primarily provides different types of digital marketing solutions based on its unique expertise in data analytics, partnerships with data providers and web media, and technology. They are updating the technology advertising standards of the Japanese and Asian markets by offering specialized digital marketing.

In addition to creating new market value, MicroAd extends its service as a trusted and leading data consulting partner by providing alternative data using a financial data platform operated by FactSet.

FactSet provides financial data used by investors to make crucial decisions

FactSet is a US-based financial data platform and data company that builds open and flexible software and data solutions for more than 170,000 investment professionals around the world. The company provides analytical and financial data that investors can use in critical decision making.

This data platform and financial data company has been focused on creating value for customers through technological advancements and market changes. They provide instant analytics and financial data that investors can access anytime, anywhere. In short, they can access data from home builders, outlet facilities, and automotive industries in a single file.

FactSet helps many institutional investors supercharge their investment workflows with tons of alternative datasets backed by the most advanced and innovative data connectivity. They allow investors to put data collection, integration, and management behind their investment strategy while leveraging flexible delivery options and open technology to ensure data value is maximized. This allows them to gain industry-level insights, research private or public companies, and monitor markets around the world with comprehensive coverage of multiple asset classes and linking estimates, financial, news and research, ESG data, etc.

They recently started offering Alternative Data, a unique big data analysis owned by MicroAd Inc., that institutional investors can use when making crucial decisions. Interested investors can purchase MicroAd’s alternative data through FactSet. Then they can use it as an effective investment decision tool in product trends and stock price predictions.

Buy MicroAd data via the open market: FactSet MarketPlace

Institutional investors can now purchase MicroAd data through the Open:FactSet Marketplace.

The alternative data content provided to FactSet is made up of three different industries: “outing” like outdoor recreation facilities, “detached houses” like home builders” and “automotive” like car manufacturers. MicroAd also offers a set of stock indices as a dataset for each industry.Data is updated monthly based on the analysis of the forecast indices with the comparison of the previous month.

MicroAd aims to continuously improve its proprietary big data platform. They will also continue to process different types of data while expanding alternative data offerings, which are expertly optimized for making investment decisions in 10 different industry sectors.

Institutional investors interested in purchasing and using alternative data from MicroAd can contact FactSet at https://go.factset.com/marketplace/catalog/product/alternative-data-for-japanese-stock-market.

Source: AlternativeData.org