Merkle announced the launch of an innovative solution to strengthen its longstanding partnership with Tealium. Merkury, Merkle’s identity resolution platform, will be integrated with Tealium’s customer data platform.

Merkury enables cookieless identity for marketers by unifying offline registrations and first-party digital engagements into a single, person-based identifier with control and transparency. Powered by the Merkury ID chart that offers the ability to add up to 10,000+ attributes offline, Merkury can help Tealium customers clean up data imported into the platform, increase identification rates of site visitors, better inform audience segments and models, and improve personalization and addressable advertising. , and measure to scale. Tealium customers integrated with Merkury can run their business more efficiently and without the need for third-party cookies, which can lead to more valuable business results.

“Unified customer data is an organization’s most valuable asset and its greatest competitive advantage. Tealium makes it easy to integrate data across the enterprise for real-time enablement using the most trusted Customer Data Platform (CDP),” said Matthew Gray, Global Vice President of partnerships at Tealium. “Our partnership with Merkle enables our joint customers to unify and activate data in real time, delivering next-level experiences people want.”

Tealium and Merkle became partners in 2015, and their complementary solutions provide the ability to drive unique customer engagement and deliver valuable, personalized experiences to their customers.

“Our partnership with Tealium over the past seven years has resulted in unprecedented personalization capabilities, enabling brands to scale up their efforts in real-time customer engagement,” said Matt Seeley, Global Head of Marketing Technology. and data management at Merkle. “Today’s market is changing so rapidly, causing consumers to have high expectations of their relationships with brands. We’re excited to continue to grow with Tealium in our ability to keep pace with these changes and execute increasingly personalized and relevant interactions.