BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Lyniat, a global leader in healthcare data interoperability, today announced MedAlliesleader in multimodality connectivity services, has chosen Lyniate Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) by NextGate to better serve its customers and healthcare partners. This integration will enhance MedAllies identity data management capabilities to increase the accuracy of data exchanged for the benefit of all.

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve towards a more consumer-centric approach to interoperability, MedAllies remains committed to providing connectivity services to thousands of healthcare providers and organizations across the country. The company turned to Lyniate for its proven identity management solutions and unparalleled approach to facilitating real-time data exchange.

“MedAllies has realized the pressing need to invest in EMPI technology, and we are excited to partner and deliver solutions that will enhance the company’s data exchange services,” said Scott Galbari, President and COO. by Lynate. “MedAllies understands the need to ensure that the data it helps customers exchange is accurate so as not to negatively impact care, and recognizes that more accurate data can better support MedAllies’ own strategic initiatives. MedAllies. We commend MedAllies for prioritizing this investment and having the vision to bring this crucial capability to its customers. »

Lyniate EMPI has the flexibility to support on-premises and cloud deployments with the ability to adapt and scale over time. It offers options for troubleshooting data issues using reference data as well as manual data correction. Beyond its proven technology, Lyniate offers a hands-on, world-class approach to customer support and training to ensure its customers maximize their investment in patient data accuracy.

“Our customers and partners have spoken loud and clear: they need identity data solutions to have confidence in the accuracy of the data that powers their business,” said Tom Visotsky, Chief Commercial Officer of MedAllies. “After extensive due diligence, we have come to the conclusion that Lyniate offers the most mature and robust EMPI solution on the market. We are excited to bring this powerful capability to meet the needs of our customers, strengthen our quality care offering, and help our partners thrive in a data-driven and consumer-driven healthcare environment.

For more information, please visit Lyniate at booth #22 at Civitas Conference August 21-24 in San Antonio, Texas.

About Lyniat:

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About MedAllies:

MedAllies securely delivers vital health information to influence care by leveraging multiple national networks supporting interoperability for all healthcare actors. We are focused on network and service excellence for individuals, connections and participants accessing our connectivity services. We serve over 700 hospitals, 5,000 organizations, 100,000 providers and dozens of partners bringing millions together for a smoother healthcare experience. To learn more, visit