M1 is making great strides with its consistent delivery of best-in-class services that enhance its customers’ network experiences in Singapore. Faced with the rise of digital culture and the ever-increasing ease of keeping in touch with family, M1 has expanded its Forfait Mobile offer. The latest addition, a bespoke no-contract M1 family plan, promises families bigger savings and more data with every additional line. Customers can now add the new Family Line to their existing bespoke plan with easy online registration.

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – August 4, 2022 – From families with children and the elderly to customers with multiple mobile devices, M1’s new bespoke family plan is redefining the telecom experience for those living under the same roof. Solving the problems associated with the rising cost of consumer mobile data plans, this service offers additional discounts for each line signed with M1. By providing data sharing and pooling capabilities, customers can mitigate data wastage issues before the end of the billing cycle. Guarantee lower prices than the owner of M1 Tailor-made SIM-only packageM1 Limited reaffirms its ability to revolutionize Singapore’s telecommunications industry with competitively priced mobile plans with no strings attached.

Combining convenience and reliability for everyone at home

the M1 Tailor-made mobile data plan for the family is designed to reduce financial commitments associated with new mobile plan subscriptions while meeting today’s requirements. With the benefits of owning a secondary phone becoming more apparent, this deal offers conscientious parents an easy way to get a new phone for their kids, separate work contacts or easily pay mobile phone bills.

When customers share their existing Bespoke mobile plan, users can pool and split their data, talk time and SMS allowances hassle-free. Supporting the registration of up to 10 mobile phone numbers, each transfer to the Bespoke Family Line unlocks additional discounts. With additional lines starting at just $9.95/month, customers get 40GB of extra data, 100 talk minutes and 100 free text messages added to the existing plan. As more tailor-made family lines are shared, the mobile data can reach 400GB, while the subscription cost for all lines will be further reduced.

It’s all about family with M1

With the launch of the Bespoke Family Plan, M1 allows customers to maximize the use of their data plans while enjoying ultimate savings and the freedom to add or remove family lines at any time, with no additional charges. administration or cancellation fees. Skip the SIM-only plans available on the market and give your family the optimal mobile experience, available online today.

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About the M1

M1, a subsidiary of Keppel Corporation, is Singapore’s leading digital network operator, providing a suite of communications services, including mobile, fixed and fiber offerings, to over two million customers.

Since launching its commercial services in 1997, M1 has achieved many firsts – becoming one of the first operators to be awarded one of Singapore’s two nationwide 5G standalone network licenses, the first operator to offer nationwide 4G service, as well as ultra-high speed fixed broadband, fixed voice and other services on the National Next Generation Broadband Network (NGNBN).

M1’s mission is to drive the transformation and evolution of Singapore’s telecommunications landscape through cutting-edge technology and tailored offerings. For more information, visit www.m1.com.sg.

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