The draft staff report on the Prince William digital gateway belies the name of the county planning office that produced it.

The report bypasses any serious assessment of benefits versus risks – or benefits versus costs – and focuses only on how to mitigate the proposal’s expected negative impacts. He seems to assume her approval, then suggests how we could keep the lid on the trash can.

A recent tax impact analysis conducted for the county indicates that “direct project-specific costs can be easily identified.” Yet the rating report does not attempt to identify them. Where is the estimate of costs such as infrastructure, borrowing, public works, maintenance and increased government personnel that would result from this project? Moving forward without a full understanding of project costs can result in millions of dollars in unforeseen liabilities.

The planning office filing at the planning commission completely dismissed the effect on the watershed and recently documented noise issues. There was no mention of the electrical infrastructure needed for an obviously energy-intensive project, nor of the capacity of the data center already under development, although these questions have been raised countless times in public forums. .

There was absolutely no consideration of the county’s revised overall plan and whether this proposal even fits into the county’s vision. This vision must precede any examination of this proposal.

The definition of plan is “a detailed proposal to achieve something”. The definition of chaos is “complete disorder and confusion”.

Is it possible to plan chaos? Do you see it.

Bill Wright