Kasten by Veeam released the new data management platform Kasten by Veeam K10 v5.5 Kubernetes. Kubernetes applications are growing at a rapid pace. However, operations teams with the skills to meet these demands are unable to keep pace, which has made it imperative to scale operations easily.

Purpose-built for Kubernetes, the latest release of Kasten by Veeam K10 v5.5 fills this skill gap by introducing powerful new features around autonomous operations and cloud-native expansion.

Complementing Veeam’s suite of modern data protection and recovery solutions to protect all data assets across virtual, cloud-native, SaaS, Kubernetes and physical workloads, these advancements will address historical challenges. in Kubernetes around large-scale operational complexity. , particularly due to the diversity of deployment environments.

“Organizations must not only transition to new, modern, cloud-native development technology and workflow, but also require operations at scale without having an army of certified Kubernetes administrators,” said Gaurav RishiVice President of Product and Partnerships at Kasten by Veeam.

“This is where Kasten K10 shines – scaling simplicity. Our latest version increases an organization’s workforce so the business can leverage cloud-native technology and operational benefits by automating multiple tasks data management,” continued Rishi.

Backing up and protecting Kubernetes environments in addition to designing and maintaining cloud-native deployments is an escalating problem for an already understaffed workforce. Yet, at the same time, the percentage of enterprises investing in Kubernetes and containerization in production continues to grow, making it essential for organizations to optimize and de-risk their large Kubernetes investments.

Enabling intelligence and automation while expanding technology partnerships and commercial agreements ensures organizations have broad access to the latest advancements on a range of technologies in the backup and recovery process for scalability simplicity.

New features of Kasten K10 v5.5 include:

  • Smart Policies: Kasten K10 capabilities for smart decisions that simplify large-scale data protection. Users can now consider off-peak app usage hours and specify a backup window accordingly. Kasten K10 will not only respect backup windows, but will further automate the sequencing of underlying backup tasks. This optimizes the use of the underlying infrastructure and automatically handles conflict resolution when multiple policies are scheduled.
  • Ease of deployment and increased scalability: Kasten K10 makes integration even easier by providing an intuitive graphical wizard to generate the most appropriate installation manifests that can be viewed and repeated for multiple installations. Kasten K10 also supports IPv6 to address IP exhaustion issues and address growing edge deployments with Amazon EKS support with IPv6 inter-pod communication and GitOps workflow integrations offering workflows scalable for efficient application deployment and backup/restore.
  • Extensive cloud-native ecosystems: Ensures customers have access to the latest advancements in increasing workload types, geographies, storage types, and security. Kasten K10 now supports RedHat OpenShift virtualization which allows you to run and manage virtual machine (VM) and container workloads side-by-side on Red Hat OpenShift. Additionally, Kasten K10 adds support for OCP 4.10, Kubernetes 1.23, Azure Files as a backup target, and Azure Managed Identity, as well as additional regions for AWS (Jakarta) and GCP (Milan).

“Kubernetes adoption and containerization is becoming more common in enterprises, but today’s manual steps, constant monitoring, and pervasive cyberattacks continue to inject complexity into the Kubernetes backup environment, hampering the ability DevOps teams to scale,” said Danny AllenCTO and Senior Vice President of Product Strategy at Veeam.

“With Kasten by Veeam K10 V5.5, customers can ensure adequate data protection in Kubernetes environments by delivering autonomous operations that support cloud-native expansion goals. Additionally, Kasten by Veeam’s membership in the Open Source Security Foundation strongly underscores the company’s commitment to contributing to security best practices and education for Kasten and Veeam customers, as well as the industry in as a whole,” concluded Allan.