[Courtesy of KAI]

SEOUL – Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI), the only aircraft manufacturer in South Korea, will acquire a 10 percent stake in Konan Technology, a national company that provides IT and data analytics solutions, in order to integrate technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data and Deep Learning in the fields of aviation and defense.

KAI will cooperate with Konan Technology to develop AI-based prognosis and health management (PHM) applicable to combat aircraft and urban air mobility, which is an ecosystem spanning personal air vehicles and infrastructure such as a new navigation system, take-off and landing fields and charging technologies.

The PHM enables real-time assessment of the health of a system as well as the prediction of its future state under real operating conditions. It has received wide attention in various industries as a means of preventing breakdowns, reducing operating costs, and performing predictive maintenance. PHM integrates various disciplines including detection technologies, failure physics, machine learning, modern statistics, and reliability engineering.

“We will accelerate KAI’s digital convergence through strategic cooperation with startups and innovative companies with digital capabilities,” said KAI CEO Ahn Hyun-ho. “With this, we will focus on strengthening the growth momentum of our future business sector.

Using Konan technologies, KAI will push for new projects based on AI and big data platforms and use big data analytics technology to process high capacity video and voice data securely from satellites. Through the joint development of autonomous flight and collision avoidance AI algorithms as well as software to analyze high-capacity flight and operational data, KAI would secure core technologies for future flight operations and the team. unmanned (MUM-T).

MUM-T is the cooperative employment of unmanned assets with traditional manned platforms. MUM-T operations combine the strengths of each platform to increase situational awareness, enabling troops to conduct operations that include combat support and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions.

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