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Sunday July 10, 2022 08:00 a.m. | InvestorsObservers Analysts

Upfiring receives a short-term average technical rating of 65 from InvestorsObserver data analysis. The proprietary ranking system focuses on recent trade trends over the past month to determine the strength of its short-term techniques. UFR has a recent technical analysis of over 65% of tokens based on these trading metrics. Investors primarily focused on short-term investment strategies will find this technical analysis most relevant to their goals when determining whether to invest in a particular crypto.

Short Term Technique - 65
InvestorsObserver gives Upfiring a Short Term Tech Rank of 65. Find out what this means for you and get the rest of the ranking on Upfiring!

Business analysis

Upfiring is $0.006443 (36.59%) higher than its 30-day low of $0.017605877, while also -$0.006867 (-22.21%) lower than its highest high of $0.03091540 from the previous trading month. Meanwhile, UFR’s current price of $0.024048565 is above its average price of $0.022103298 set over the last trading month, leading to a short-term average technical score. In summary, Upfiring’s recent trading history suggests that traders are currently neutral on the token. Currently, volume and market cap data for UFR is not available. Lack of available data is usually a sign of either a new coin or token entering the market, or a new one with extremely low volume and value levels that are not picked up by major vendors of data. No recorded volume or market capitalization is generally correlated with highly volatile coins which may not be the best investment choice for the majority of investors. However, those looking for newer cryptos may find tokens such as Upfiring more intriguing. Media, Music and Content Subclass of Upfiring: Cryptocurrencies used to create, represent ownership of, or facilitate commerce in various media, including music and other content.


UFR’s recent trades over the past month give it an average short-term technical score, as its recent price movement gives traders reason to be more neutral on the token in the near term. Click here for the full Upfiring (UFR) report.

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