Across America, local media are reporting on the Biden-Harris administration’s launch of a website that, for the first time, provides a live dashboard to help communities see extreme weather and other dangers of climate change they face, while providing maps projecting how each community could be affected in the future. The new Climate Mapping for Resilience and Adaptation portal will help state, local, tribal, and territorial governments and leaders better track real-time impacts and access federal resources for long-term planning.

Yesterday, administration officials joined Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego and Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava to announce this new website, which provides accessible and interactive tools about extreme heat , drought, forest fires, floods and other climate impacts.

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Northwest Information Network: Biden administration launches website to provide real-time climate data and predict future scenarios
The website, known as Climate Mapping for Resilience and Adaptation, or CMRA, will help community leaders better plan for climate-related risks, officials said. The website and corresponding maps streamline data from the federal government to the national level down to the census tract level. Maps and graphs show various climate hazards and potential future conditions under low and high emission scenarios for heat-trapping greenhouse gases.

The Sacramento Bee: As climate change strangles California, a new US tool lets people see the long-term impact

The Biden administration on Thursday unveiled a new website intended to provide localities, agencies and individuals with a clear overview of the current and future impacts of climate change. The announcement follows a historic heat wave in California, amid a drought that is devastating western states and after a summer that saw extreme flooding in many parts of the country.

Arizona PBS: The climate tool brings the bad news; defenders hope it will bring good results
“We spend tens of millions of dollars on climate resilience…and this tool will help me understand where the most effective places to invest those dollars are,” [Phoenix Mayor Kate] Gallego said Thursday.

Idaho Capital Sunshine: New government tool shows climate-related risks and projections for Idaho and other states

The online tool, called Climate Mapping for Resilience and Adaptation, contains information on current climate trends and projections up to 2099, including risks such as projected income losses, annual number of dry days and consecutive wet days, and average daily minimum and maximum temperatures. .

KATU ABC Oregon: New National Climate Resilience Tool Predicts Likelihood of Natural Disaster
Benton County Emergency Manager Bryan Lee said the tool can be useful locally to help inform emergency officials about risk patterns to consider. “We can use this tool to help us develop our risk assessments and then use that data again, use science from a trusted source and then use it in our contingency plans,” he said. . The tool also shows whether municipalities have building code restrictions in place based on the risk of their area.

KRCR ABC California: Extreme heat, drought and forest fires; The White House presents a new climate mapping tool

The assessment tool serves to provide insight into what is possible in the future under two different emissions scenarios. You can enter an address and a large dashboard appears, allowing you to explore the evolution of various important measures of climate impacts. You can explore this data for any census tract, county, or tribal territory. Benjamin Preston of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy noted that this is one of the first times we’ve been able to summarize climate information for these tribal lands.

New Mexico Political Report: New online portal shows impacts of climate change

A new website launched this week aims to help people visualize the impact of climate change on their communities and to help communities plan for and respond to climate change. President Joe Biden and the administration of Vice President Kamala Harris announced the new Climate Mapping Portal for Resilience and Adaptation on Thursday.

Route Fifty: A new technological tool to help communities deal with climate risks
In addition to climate data, the portal identifies disadvantaged communities that may be eligible for programs like Biden’s Justice40 initiative, which aims to direct federal resources to areas disproportionately affected by climate change and other issues. environmental.

“We wanted to create a science-based portal, bringing together the best data on the impacts communities have historically faced, what’s happening right now, and perhaps most importantly, what the future holds,” said David Hayes, special assistant. to the president for climate policy, during a press conference on Thursday.

Quick business: These maps show how climate change is affecting your city in real time and what will happen in the future

A map shows current extreme heat, wildfires, droughts, as well as inland and coastal flooding. If you enter a city or address into a separate assessment tool on the site, it displays current risks by census tract, then lays out future hazards under two scenarios: what if gas emissions greenhouse gases are falling rapidly and what will happen if they continue? high. In Miami, for example, a map shows how many coastlines will be submerged in a high emissions scenario. The dashboard also shows how much extreme heat and other hazards are likely to increase in each scenario. The site also includes links to help cities find federal grants to build more resilient infrastructure.