Tired of your internet plan? Or just looking for a change? Let Canstar Blue guide you through the steps to cancel your internet plan.

There may be several reasons why you want to cancel your internet plan. Price, speeds, location, or changing needs are all valid reasons to want to cancel your plan, and sometimes the grass can be greener elsewhere. Read on to find out how you can cancel your internet plan – it might be easier than you think!

How do I cancel my internet package?

Canceling your internet plan is similar to canceling your phone plan in one major way – contacting your telecom provider directly is the best way to go.

Terminate your internet package by phone

It’s the safest way to get out of your internet package. Your telecom provider’s website will almost certainly have their helpline taped somewhere, but the numbers for the major telecom providers are as follows:

Terminate your Internet plan via live chat

Most major telecom carriers, such as Telstra and Optus, have a live chat feature that allows you to get in touch with a company representative. Sometimes it might just be an extra step to have to call anyway, but it’s worth trying as a first step.

Termination of your Internet plan by e-mail

Telecommunications operators such as TPG may ask you to cancel your package by e-mail. This involved sending your details to the email address listed on your phone company’s website. Other telcos like iiNet offer email cancellations as an option, although it takes a lot longer. While telecom carriers such as Aussie Broadband do not allow cancellation of emails at all.

How to change NBN provider?

Change NBN provider tends to be a fairly simple process, as the new supplier takes care of a lot of things. It’s important to take stock of the devices connected to your NBN network, and make sure to switch them over to the new network when the time comes. Canstar Blue’s NBN Comparison Tool is a great way to start finding a new plan that fits your lifestyle. It will also help you understand which NBN speed will suit your needs.

Once you’ve found the plan that’s right for you, simply sign up, making sure to line up the end of your old plan with the sign-in date of your new plan. This can be tricky to do, so you may be without internet for a few days. Once you have signed up with your new phone company, you will need to notify the old phone company that you will be terminating your plan with them. Make sure a clear disconnect date is agreed.

Does canceling my internet package cost money?

Canceling your internet plan usually costs you nothing. If you’re under contract, you’ll probably have to pay the rest of your bill. If you received items such as a modem, you may also need to refund that, unless you paid for the modem in advance. Some telecom providers may also require you to return your modem to the provider when you cancel, otherwise you will be charged a non-return fee.

Plans without a contract will usually require you to pay your final bill, but it’s worth checking your plan’s Critical Information Summary (CIS) to make sure there are no hidden cancellation fees.

Is canceling my Internet package worth it?

If you’re unhappy with your ISP’s rates, speeds, or even customer service, canceling your plan may be the best option. It’s always worth shopping around to see if there are any better deals you’ve been missing out on. However, beware of canceling before you’ve paid for the extra hardware or even the rest of your contract. It may even be worth seeing the rest of the expenses before changing.