With the increasing number and severity of cyberattacks and increasing data regulation, it is vital for most businesses to consider and adopt an external backup-as-a-service (BaaS) solution for maintaining and restoring data backup.

Below are five case studies of how companies across all industries are using Backup-as-a-Service solutions to solve their data backup challenges:

Evolutio, based in Madrid, has a network of 6,100 virtual machines (VMs) spread over 5,600 kilometers and three data centers, as well as the support of more than 1,000 experts.

Evolutio recently used Office 365 for all of its infrastructure needs. A tightly secured and backed up Office 365 was the organization’s primary responsibility, and they wanted to keep it running with optimized resources and minimal downtime.

“We know that sooner or later things like accidental deletion or machine malfunction are going to happen. We needed a solution that would allow us to recover data easily and quickly,” explains Alain Rodriguez, Head of Service Management Office, Evolutio.

Evolutio then hired Commvault, a data backup and recovery software solution. The solution also guaranteed compliance requirements with regulatory authorities, with an extension of up to five years.

Additionally, Evolutio previously had to rely on ticketing for backup as soon as a data breach was detected. With a backup-as-a-service provider, the business can now directly grant backup access to users, so they can recover credentials without too much intervention from technical staff.

“Now, if something is lost in Office 365, users can just click and recover,” Rodriguez says. This is a big change from how it was done before. We were able to recover all data and return to a working state in less than a day. Our business continuity was virtually uninterrupted.

Industry: Cloud Security

Backup as a service provider: Commvault

Results :

  • 20% annual reduction in capital expenditure on backup management by reducing infrastructure upgrade costs
  • A unified platform to manage all data needs rather than deploying multiple integrations across the network
  • 360-degree protection not only for Office 365, but also for 1,200 SharePoint mailboxes and results.
  • Efficiently handle 2 PB of data with little to no annual maintenance costs

AECOM primarily works with global governments to manage, design and build public infrastructure. The management company has 87,000 employees with a diverse portfolio, from smart cities and sanitation to highways, ports, telecommunications and mass transit systems.

AECOM needed a backup vendor to manage their Salesforce Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, where thousands of sales data, project details, contacts, future opportunities, expression of interest (EOI) and employee details are stored and updated regularly.

AECOM deployed OwnBackup to create corruption-free backups on a larger scale. With OwnBackup Smart Alerts, AECOM can get regular updates when a breach is detected. In the event of an attack, AECOM can investigate fraudulent data practices with OwnBackup’s comparison charts and visuals.

“The backup product has allowed us to be more agile with our development program,” said Jake White, IT Project Manager at AECOM. “We can now take a slice of our data, ensure all relationships are maintained, and put it in a sandbox that a developer can work on without affecting other parts of a project.”

Industry: Construction

Backup as a service provider: OwnBackup

Results :

  • Custom backup solution created according to service needs with options to create offsite backup pathways
  • Integrations with ERP, HR and custom applications to improve cohesion
  • Upgrade to daily backups with minimal downtime compared to weekly backups to create a faster recovery point objective (RPO)
  • Parallel sandbox boot with data management

The US subsidiary of electronics giant Hitachi had a network of over 2,000 PCs with no viable backups.

Moreover, the only manual solution used uses encrypted hard drives to restore data, adding another layer of difficulty for users.

“If a PC crashed, we were often unable to restore the data. When users alerted us to data loss, we either asked them to search Microsoft 365 or sent them an external hard drive. We also had no way to easily migrate data to PCs for newly acquired businesses or perform a PC refresh,” says Lennox James, senior IT manager, Hitachi America.

Hitachi used Druva, a BaaS provider, to automate cloud backups and build a recovery infrastructure from scratch.

“If a PC fails, we use Druva to seamlessly migrate data to a new device,” says James. “We can refresh endpoints for provisioning, endpoint backup and data governance for over 2,000 PCs, as well as device migration and cyber resilience.”

Industry: Electronic

Backup as a service provider: Druva

Results :

  • Move to cloud-native, secure endpoint backup from manual recovery practices
  • Added the ability to erase data in the event of a disaster or the loss or theft of a device
  • Improve business productivity with eDiscovery and Data Resiliency Cloud
  • 24/7 protection for over 2,000 endpoints
  • 20% net reduction in support tickets; a step towards creating lean teams

Business Cloud offers endpoint security, shared contact and password management, and managed cloud recovery, among other services.

Business Cloud needed a remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution that required little to no human assistance for maintenance so the team could focus on serving customers.

“At Business Cloud, our goal is to provide our customers with premium, concierge-level services,” said Evan Oberman, CTO, Business Cloud.

“Ninja allows us to provide this exact type of high-level service. We have created an audit policy in Ninja that removes all automation but gives us all the information we need to highlight vulnerabilities and identify areas of concern. ‘improvement.

With NinjaOne’s backup functionality, simplified ticket submission by Business Cloud, extensive support on iOS and Android, and remote client access through its end-user sharing model.

“With reports, we can easily highlight the value we bring to customers, showing them how their devices are vulnerable and how misconfiguration and hardware issues contribute to lost productivity.”

Industry: business technology

Backup as a service provider: Ninja One

Results :

  • 3x growth in service delivery vertical
  • Faster patch management and remote monitoring
  • Faster response time through NinjaOne agent and endpoint protection
  • Quadruple the number of client terminals, from 250 to 1,000 in the first years of installation

Redland City Council serves a population of 150,000 in Australia with a mission to provide sanitation, water and other municipal services.

The council captured citizen data on hard drives for years, hampering operational efficiency.

“We view our data as an extremely important asset. We need to see it holistically across the organization, so we can use it to make better decisions for residents and businesses in our community. By effectively using our data, the possibilities are endless. We can improve internal efficiencies, deliver strategic benefits or generate greater economic, community and environmental value,” says Glynn Henderson, CIO, Redland City Council.

Additionally, manual backups triggered one of the worst attacks Redland has faced in years, causing council leaders to rethink their data management strategies.

“Having a backup solution is like an insurance policy against ransomware,” says Henderson.

Redland hired Rubrik to automate all backup paths and centralize in one place. This idea was supported, especially since most employees were moved remotely and needed offsite access to data all day.

Rubrik’s backup solution helped Redland increase the number of concurrent users on virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) from 70 to 250 overnight.

“Like most other organizations, we’re often asked to do more with less,” says Henderson. “We started supporting 350 desktops 20 years ago and have grown to over 1,200 today, without increasing the infrastructure team behind it all. Basically, we needed backups, restores, and data protection to be easier for the infrastructure team to manage. Now it’s not just easier, it’s on autopilot.

Industry: Government

Backup as a service provider: Heading

Results :

  • Simplify deployment to deliver quickly real time results
  • Automated backup and instant disaster recovery
  • Minimal disk failures with 24×7 support options
  • Increased protection against ransomware attacks
  • Access to open data for city residents to edit, manage and regulate the flow of information
  • Reduced VM launch time from two days to half a day