• Facebook is one of the highest-earning Big Tech companies.
  • Insider analyzed government data to see how much the company is paying for thousands of roles.
  • Some workers make over a million dollars in salary alone. Most of the others do well in the six figures.

In the run-up to a broad hiring freeze, Facebook has continued to aggressively hire and pay nearly all of its employees well over six figures.

In the second quarter of this year, Facebook hired just over 5,500 people who needed visas, according to data submitted to the US Department of Labor’s Office of Foreign Labor Certification. That’s more than half the number of those workers the company hired in 2021, according to a previous Insider analysis.

Most of the data from the last quarter reflects hiring before Meta in May implemented a broad hiring freeze or slowdown affecting many parts of the business, including engineering, extended last month. So it remains to be seen how much less Facebook, which last year changed its name to Meta, hired after the freeze. The company is now carrying out what some workers also call “quiet layoffs”, thanks to new performance reviews. Mark Zuckerberg and other leaders have spoken of creating a more “intense” work culture aimed at eliminating certain employees. The company will be “smaller” by the end of the year, Zuckerberg admitted, and some international workers are now having their offers rescinded.

The data has other limitations, such as not including the stock grants that most workers receive and which make up a significant portion of overall compensation. However, the company must disclose the base salary for any position for which it hires a foreign worker, and this salary must be the same as that which would be offered to a US worker, making it a good compensation guide.

And Facebook still pays. One person, responsible for threat capability and intent tracking, received a base salary of $2.24 million. Another, a product analytics manager for internationalization and product experience, is paid $1.5 million. These salaries are outliers, but Facebook is still the highest-paying Big Tech company, with typical salaries between $150,000 and $250,000.

Here is a breakdown of the pay scale for roles in the company. Jobs are only listed if there are at least three applicants. After checking the data, take a look at Insider’s Big Tech Salary Database to see how much workers are paid by Facebook rivals like Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon.


Technicians using computer in server room

Technicians using computer in server room

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Data Engineer: $100,000 to $245,000

Data Engineer, Analytics: $137,506.33 to $226,000

Data Engineer, GMS: $129,000 to $143,000

Data Engineering Manager: $181,300 to $271,254.27

Computer Vision Engineer: $172,438.32 to $199,403.28

Research engineer: $116,000 to $222,700

Director of Engineering: $195,020 to $299,000

Software Engineering Manager: $196,020 to $299,000

Product Design Engineer: $152,000 to $212,000

Business Engineer: $114,499 to $280,000

Director of Enterprise Engineering: $199,152.07 to $282,647

Production Engineer: $118,000 to $295,000

Director of Production Engineering: $229,680 to $280,000

QA Engineering Manager: $130,000 to $185,000

Front End Engineer: $121,800 to $227,409.29

Machine Learning Engineer: $166,000 to $220,000

Software engineer: $104,217 to $308,148

Software engineer, machine learning: $160,000 to $264,000

Embedded software engineer: $166,000 to $220,000

Rotating Software Engineer: $138,108.97 to $165,000

Solutions Engineer: $136,000 to $206,000

Security engineer: $116,000 to $278,760

Privacy engineer, technical audit: $155,000 to $177,000

Design verification engineer: $156,000 to $240,000

Hardware System Engineer: $142,000 to $230,000

Digital Design Engineer: $178,000 to $236,519.05

Electrical engineer: $130,000 to $206,000

ASIC Engineer: $150,000 to $237,600

ASIC engineer, design verification: $156,000 to $187,000

RF Engineer: $192,080 to $244,000

Wireless Systems Engineer: $160,000 to $232,000

Thermal engineer: $124,000 to $222,274.30

System Industrial Engineer: $162,000 to $234,000

Business Engineer: $150,003.41 to $217,000

Partner Engineer: $140,474.32 to $222,750

Firmware Engineer: $167,000 to $249,000

Performance and Capacity Engineer: $155,036.05 to $285,841.37

Storage Engineer: $153,257.14 to $166,554

Network Engineer: $110,000 to $248,991.37

Production Network Engineer: $151,470 to $198,000

Rotating Production Network Engineer: $134,000 to $138,000

Data Center Production Operations Engineer: $79,518.40 to $134,992

Data, analysis, research

Photo of two small business owners looking at data on a desktop computer screen.

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AI researcher: $160,000 to $169,281.34

Applied Research Scientist: $154,540.28 to $219,291.77

Research Data Scientist: $164,000 to $266,000

Researcher: $129,000 to $283,000

Research scientist (CDS): $168,000 to $171,973.05

Data Scientist: $100,000 to $260,000

Data Scientist, Analytics: $118,800 to $230,000

Research Data Scientist: $122,760 to $196,000

Data Scientist, Product Analytics: $156,645.57 to $210,000

Data Science Manager: $167,000 to $249,840

User Experience Researcher: $142,191.98 to $215,000

Data analyst: $128,000 to $183,150

Decision Scientist: $138,000 to $220,564.72

Revenue Growth Analyst: $114,000 to $195,000

Product Experience Analyst: $145,000 to $190,000

Security Analyst: $141,000 to $159,000

Labor Analyst: $95,681.42 to $147,000

Project, Product and Privacy Managers

Colleagues discussing project in office conference room

Colleagues discussing project in office conference room

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Privacy Program Manager: $118,644.07 to $200,000

Product Manager: $101,000 to $287,000

Program Manager: $113,975.99 to $220,249

Technical Program Manager: $115,000 to $260,000

Safety Program Manager: $147,000 to $198,000

Project manager: $119,478.03 to $219,356.44

Product Marketing Manager: $218,000 to $242,550

Product Marketing Manager: $147,000 to $217,634

Art and product design

Computer programmer working with male colleague in office

Computer programmer working with male colleague in office

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Creative director: $201,960 to $248,000

Product designer: $105,000 to $285,000

Product Design Manager: $211,860 to $216,853.16

Product Development Specialist: $97,256.05 to $169,000

Product Specialist: $102,000 to $160,000

Content Designer: $130,000 to $158,320.50

Business integrity, strategy

business consultant


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Business Integrity Associate: $112,860 to $150,958.51

Business Integrity Program Manager, Americas: $126,283

Team Leader, Business Integrity: $163,660

Head of Enterprise Product Strategy, Facebook Finance: $220,000


Strategic Sourcing Manager: $152,669.31 to $198,000

Client Solutions Manager: $111,000 to $164,382.49

Optical Scientist: $157,816.17 to $201,642.79