Prepares to scale to meet growing demand for its cybersecurity platform

GreyNoise Intelligence, the cybersecurity company analyzing web analytics traffic to separate threats from background noise, has announced key additions to its leadership team to keep pace with the growing pace of its business: Bob Rudis has joined as VP Data Science and Paul Murphy as VP of Sales.

“With the addition of Bob Rudis and Paul Murphy, we now have a leadership team in place to lead GreyNoise through its next stage of growth, and beyond,” said Andrew Morris, founder and CEO of GreyNoise.

“GreyNoise has earned a reputation in the cybersecurity industry as the leading source for understanding internet noise,” said Andrew Morris, founder and CEO of GreyNoise. “Along with our Series A funding, we have expanded our management team to lay the foundation for future growth and seize the opportunity before us. With the addition of Bob Rudis and Paul Murphy, we now have a leadership team in place to lead GreyNoise through its next stage of growth, and beyond.

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Over the past 6 months, GreyNoise has achieved a number of important growth-related goals and is poised to build momentum throughout the year:

  • Raised $15M in Series A Funding to Combat Cyber ​​Distractions and Mass Exploitation of Vulnerabilities
  • Expanded its community to over 27,000 cybersecurity analysts, representing an increase of nearly 35%
  • Launched Investigate 4.0, a threat intelligence tool that helps security analysts identify and respond to opportunistic “scan and exploit” attacks in real time.
  • Won six awards in 2022, including Fortress Cybersecurity Awards 2022, Globee 18th Annual 2022 Cyber ​​Security Global Excellence Awards, 14th Annual 2022 Golden Bridge Business and Innovation Awards, 2022 Saas Awards, Cyber ​​Top 20 and the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards.

With nearly three decades of experience in enterprise technology and cybersecurity, Bob Rudis is a seasoned industry veteran who is passionate about transforming opinion-based security practices into data-driven strategies. He is co-author of Data-Driven Security: Analysis, Visualization and Dashboards (John Wiley & Sons, 2012) and is a seasonal instructor at Carnegie Mellon University. Prior to joining GreyNoise, he held senior cybersecurity data science positions at Rapid 7, Verizon Enterprise Solutions, Liberty Mutual Insurance, and Johnson & Johnson, among other organizations, and is a recognized thought leader who regularly contributes to advance the discourse of the industry.

“With the increase in opportunistic exploitation across the Internet, the time between the disclosure of new vulnerabilities and the start of active exploitation has been reduced to hours,” said Bob Rudis, VP Data Science , GreyNoise. “GreyNoise provides security teams with the contextual data needed to quickly identify scanning activity targeting vulnerable systems exposed to the Internet. This has enormous potential to move the industry forward, and I’m thrilled to be joining their team at this pivotal time in the company’s growth.

Paul Murphy is a seasoned technology industry veteran with nearly 25 years of leadership experience in engineering, marketing and sales. Over the past two decades, he has held senior GTM positions at various early stage/growth stage software companies, as well as various executive and management positions at DataCore Software, VMware and Network Appliance. His academic credentials include a BS in Finance from San Diego State University and an MBA from MIT.

“GreyNoise goes beyond traditional threat intelligence platforms by reducing noise for security teams,” said Paul Murphy, vice president of sales, GreyNoise. “Rather than bombarding security teams with alerts, GreyNoise allows security teams to prioritize emerging threats and reduce the time they spend on harmless events, saving time and increasing 20-40% capacity. I’m confident that the company’s data-driven approach will revolutionize the industry, and I’m excited to help them take advantage of the huge opportunity ahead. »

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