Dublin, November 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The “Growth opportunities of the intelligent transport system” the report was added to ResearchAndMarkets.com offer.

The demand for intelligent transport systems (ITS) has also evolved with the advancements in transport systems over the years. However, the effective use of transportation systems depends on proper management of the input data sources that describe system performance and the state of system controls.

The nature and quality of data flows from the various sources available, to a large extent, shed light on how transport systems can respond to changing transport demand. Effective data management and analysis are essential for the proper functioning of ITS.

Capturing data from multiple sources and processing it in ITS will improve the current capabilities of traffic control systems and optimize operations. Managing multi-source data in ITS can increase system productivity, increase passenger safety and reduce carbon emissions.

This research service is developing on the following points:

  • Overview of ITS Technology and Market
  • Technologies that enable ITS
  • Impact of emerging technologies
  • Intellectual Property (IP) Landscape
  • Profiles of the main market players
  • Growth opportunities

Main topics covered:

1. Strategic imperatives
1.1 The Strategic Imperative – Factors Putting Pressure on the Growth of Intelligent Transportation Systems Market
1.2 The strategic imperative
1.3 The impact of the three main strategic imperatives on the intelligent transport systems industry
1.4 About the Growth Pipeline Engine
1.5 Growth Opportunities Fuel the Growth Pipeline Engine

2. Growth environment
2.1 Intelligent transport system
2.2 Data flow process in intelligent transport system
2.3 Types of communication with vehicles in ITS

3. Analysis of growth opportunities, ITS
3.1 Sales Forecast of ITS by Region
3.2 Growth drivers
3.3 Growth constraints

4. Management and analysis of STI data
4.1 Technologies enabling and managing ITS
4.2 Communication technologies enabling intelligent transport
4.3 Key applications of communication technologies in ITS
4.4 Sensing technologies enabling intelligent transport
4.5 Main applications of detection technologies in ITS
4.6 Integration of AI, Big Data and Cloud Computing for better ITS analysis
4.7 Efficient use of traffic data in transportation planning, investments and operational decisions
4.8 Main benefits of AI in ITS
4.9 Use cases for AI in ITS

5. Businesses in action
5.1 Roadside care
5.2 Teraki
5.3 Axilion
5.4 Inrix
5.5 Craftsmen

6. Patent analysis
6.1 STI patent landscape
6.2 LG Corp. and General Motors, world leaders in STI patents

7. Growth opportunities
7.1 Growth opportunity 1: Speed-driven ITS to reduce freight emissions
7.2 Growth opportunity 2: Efficient traffic data management for profitable road networks
7.3 Growth Opportunity 3: Automated Congestion Pricing System for Higher Traffic Control and Transport Revenue

8. Key contacts

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