Thread and Eversana have partnered to connect their Real World Data (RWD) and decentralized clinical trial platforms. Working with Datavant, the two companies have connected their existing platforms to provide a more comprehensive view of patient health.

Brigham Hyde, president of data and analytics at Eversana, explained the need to break down the silos that have traditionally separated RWD from clinical trial results.

In the evolving world of RWD, registries and clinical trials, it has become increasingly likely that a patient will end up participating in all three during their care journey. This begs the question of how to think about this journey holistically and maximize the research value that can be created by thinking of these three mediums along a single continuum. Moreover, at the base of this convergence are the concepts of consent, identity management and research ethics.said Hyde.

Eversana, Thread and Datavant have responded to convergence by bringing their platforms together. The collaboration combines Eversana’s RWD platform, Datavant’s anonymization technology and Thread’s decentralized testing platform.

Convergence enables the secure management and connection of patients across mediums. In doing so, Eversana and its associates combine prospectively collected active information, such as patient-reported outcomes, with electronic medical records and claims data.

Brigham Hyde, President of Data and Analytics, Eversana

What this allows for is a dataset that can allow multiple types of analysis from a single study effort. It reduces the burden of data collection, while keeping consent and identity management central to the process, leaving the patient in charge of managing their information. The effect is accelerated research and evidence across the lifecycle, leading to better treatments for patients and increased evidence of care.said Hyde.

Eversana envisions the combined platform to reduce data collection and security burden on sites and participants. Datavant provides data link technology to support patient privacy and data security.

Other claimed benefits include reduced registry and startup costs. Eversana pitches its platform as a way to increase evidence generation earlier in the release cycle and sees additional benefits from the Thread connection.

The combination with Thread’s decentralized trial platform reduces the burden of trial start-up costs and site-centric data collection. This enhances the efficiency of trial and registry deployment, as well as improving patient access and collection of critical clinical parameterssaid Hyde.