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Climate crisis:

The Bureau of Land Management to continue rounding up 1,000 feral horses and donkeys without analyzing significant environmental impacts, contrary to law.

Today, the CANA Foundation and Wild Horse Education filed a lawsuit in federal district court to protect the Blue Wing Resort from the outdated and unscientific Environmental Assessment (EA) that BLM uses to justify ten years of abductions of wild horses and Burro without public procedure.

The US government Ignore its own laws and continue the unchecked decimation of America’s public rangelands and its people. In violation of the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act, the government plans to round up 1,000 wild horses and burros without using current data and planning documents needed to conduct environmental assessments in proper range management. , especially in this period of climate. changes and droughts.

Plans for monitoring and evaluation of management actions and decisions, requires the timely collection of data/information needed to assess the effectiveness of decisions such as removal of feral horses, water levels and general state of range that should affect decisions about wild horse gatherings and grazing, geothermal, hard rock mining, and oil and gas permits.

Organizations contacted the Nevada State Director in a letter challenging the agency’s justifications for moving forward. Having received no response, CANA and WHE had no choice but to file a complaint.

The Secretary from within is to use the best science available. In many cases, raids are carried out using archaic planning and vacant scientific analysis.

But without collecting current data or environmental assessments as required by law, the BLM plans to remove 1,000 feral horses and donkeys from their homes and disregard the destruction caused by ranching and mining on the land public, all at taxpayer expense.

dr. Ross MacPhee The CANA Foundation’s Scientific Advisor and Senior Curator of the Mammals Department of the Natural History Museum says, “The BLM has completely forgotten, or ignored, that the great herbivores of the past, such as mammoths and ancient horses, were the ones who maintained North America grasslands through proper grazing and the return of nutrients to the soil. The western grasslands are now a faint echo of what they once were, with far less ability to sequester carbon or resist wildfires. Horses are the natural guardians of the grasslands in a way that cattle are not and never will be.”

Laura Leigh of Wild Horse Education explains, “Stakeholder engagement is systematically biased to favor industry; if you represent an environmental interest, you are repeatedly ignored. BLM has not updated the environmental scan for Blue Wing since 1987; they’re just perpetuating the dusty myths tied to their agenda A lot has changed in the world in 40 years except how BLM continues to ignore stakeholders for wild horses and burros, continues to accelerate moves to accommodate big business politics and fails to manage a public resource responsibly.

With the use With the required analysis and planning, we can prevent the inhumane treatment of feral horses and burros on the course and during capture, as well as all critically important wildlife and water sources.

“The dead in the roundups we’ve seen so far this summer, are partly due to the absolute lack of science-backed management planning. Including a data-driven foaling season,” Leigh continued, “Last week two young colts died unnecessarily at Triple B. It’s also foaling season at Blue Wing. The BLM says there is no foaling season for burros. The Blue Wing burros are very pregnant and with very small babies, our team is here now. What is about to hit this complex is just not ‘ok’ in a civilized nation.”

CANA Foundation and Wild Horse Education have taken the next steps to try to bring the Nevada BLM state to rectify their archaic system and ensure that sustainable, science-based management drives our lands, wild horses, burros and wildlife.

*Blue Wing is located 50 miles west of Winnemucca, Nevada. The Blue Wing complex comprises approximately 1,230,364 acres; additional areas zeroed in for wild horses and burros bring the total area to over 2 million. The complex includes five herd management areas which include the Kamma Mountains, Seven Hollow Range, Lava Beds, Blue Wing and Shawave Mountains as well as four herd areas which include the Antelope Range, Selenite Range, Trinity Rangeand Truckee range and is the next target on the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) accelerated removal schedule.

Case 2:22-cv-01200

SOURCE CANA Foundation