Students can complete the data analytics program at Edmonds College in as little as nine months. (Photo by Scott Eklund/Red Box Pictures)

Edmonds College has launched an affordable data analytics certification program starting in October. No programming experience is necessary and students can complete the program in as little as nine months.

“Edmonds College continues to introduce innovative programs designed to meet employers’ needs for more skilled workers,” said Dr. Carey Schroyer, Dean of STEM at Edmonds College. “Short-term skills-building programs, such as data analytics, are key to addressing today’s labor shortages.”

Students will learn the key elements of data analysis, including data collection and processing, hypothesis development, and statistical analysis, modeling, and data synthesis. Program prerequisites include a working knowledge of basic word processing and spreadsheet programs, completion of a college-level pre-calculus or statistics course or instructor licensing, and a bachelor’s degree. associate in STEM or business field or equivalent work experience.

The program is designed to accommodate busy lives. Classes are held online, hybrid and in the evening, and can be completed quickly, even by part-time students. The program is also affordable, as Washington residents can obtain a certificate for less than $2,300. Similar online programs cost up to $15,950.

Students will learn to:

– Extract data from a database and use it to answer questions typical of data analysis exploration.

– Apply advanced spreadsheet functionality to create charts and pivot tables, perform data mapping, perform deduplication, and search operations.

– Write code in a programming language commonly used by data analysts (such as R or Python) to read and process data.

– Identify business areas where data analytics can be applied and translate business questions into data questions.

– Use basic statistical techniques for data analysis, including evaluating data with summary statistics, explaining data patterns using statistical concepts, and principles of A/B testing.

– Apply the fundamentals of machine learning.

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