New Frontier Data is fortunate to be able to promote Amanda Reiman to Chief Knowledge Officer after her exemplary tenure as VP, Public Policy and Research.

New Frontier Data, the leader in cannabis actionable data and business intelligence, announced Amanda Reiman, PhD, MSW, as its new Chief Knowledge Officer following the appointment of John Kagia as Chief Policy Officer for the New York State Office of Cannabis Management.

“New Frontier Data is fortunate to be able to promote Amanda Reiman to Chief Knowledge Officer following her exemplary tenure as Vice President of Public Policy and Research,” said Gary Allen, CEO of New Frontier Data. “Amanda is one of the few who can follow in the footsteps of John Kagia, an original New Frontier Data employee and esteemed industry thought leader whose appointment at this historic New York industry moment will continue. to pay dividends to the cannabis industry for years to come.”

Dr. Reiman is a social ethnobotanist who has studied the relationship between people, cannabis, and society at large for over 20 years. As a pioneer in the field of cannabis and social science, she was one of the first to explore the use of cannabis as a substitute for alcohol and other drugs. Dr. Reiman received his Ph.D. from UC Berkeley and taught addiction treatment, drug policy, sexuality, social work, and research methods at the university for 10 years. She has also served as head of research and patient services at the Berkeley Patients Group, head of marijuana law and policy at the Drug Policy Alliance, and vice president of community development for Flow Cannabis Company.

Dr. Reiman joined New Frontier Data in January 2022 and, working closely with John Kagia, has been instrumental in helping the research team develop and deliver the data and insights the cannabis industry needs. is supported to understand the market and its consumers.

“I joined New Frontier Data because I believe in the team’s work to bring unbiased, verified data to an industry that needs it,” Dr. Reiman said. “I look forward to the opportunity to oversee the incredible team responsible for this research and help advance the cannabis industry with actionable insights that inform key stakeholders at all levels.”

Editor’s note: Photos of the New Frontier Data leadership team are available upon request.

About New Frontier data:

New Frontier Data is the leading data, analytics and technology company specializing in the global cannabis industry, providing solutions that enable investors, operators, advertisers, brands, researchers and policy makers to assess, understand, to engage and deal with the cannabis industry and its consumers. .

Our mission is to inform the policies and business activities of the global legal cannabis industry. We maintain a neutral stance on the merits of cannabis legalization through comprehensive and transparent data analysis and projections that shape industry trends, dynamics, demand and opportunities. Founded in 2014, New Frontier Data is headquartered in Washington, DC and has a presence in Europe, Latin America and Africa. For more information about New Frontier Data, visit us at

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