DataCore Software today announced that it has partnered with Symply, an innovative developer of high-speed digital storage solutions, to launch a new appliance-based product that streamlines media archiving. The revolutionary new SymplyPerifery solution is powered by DataCore’s next-generation object storage platform, Perifery, designed for appliances and edge devices. Integrated with powerful workflow and asset management tools, SymplyPerifery provides media and entertainment organizations with a highly scalable, flexible and secure archiving appliance that seamlessly integrates into production, post-production, of studios, sports and in-house creation.

“Working closely with Symply and an exclusive set of ecosystem partners, DataCore has developed SymplyPerifery, a solution that provides media organizations with unparalleled workflow archiving capabilities,” said Dave Zabrowski, CEO of DataCore. “The new SymplyPerifery offering gives DataCore partners and users the choice of a world-class, enterprise-grade, media-optimized appliance, in addition to the current Swarm software-only solution, on the hardware of their choice.

SymplyPerifery offers unparalleled versatility for preserving media assets. Using the appliance, media companies can offload content from their primary online storage system (i.e., SAN or NAS) to a local archive for short-term reuse and remonetization. and long term. The predictable cost solution enables content to be archived from shared cloud workflow environments including Avid, StorNext, NAS, SAN, and more, providing infinite scalability and flexibility.

“We chose DataCore Perifery as the engine for our new archiving appliance because of its lineage with Swarm, DataCore’s award-winning object storage solution. Nothing else has come close to offering the same capabilities, performance, scalability, and seamless integration,” said Symply CEO Keith Warburton. “We designed the SymplyPerifery appliance to support S3-compatible third-party applications built directly from our state-of-the-art stack. This combination is a game-changer by providing the essential elements needed for asset preservation in a powerful, state-of-the-art all-in-one solution.

The SymplyPerifery appliance uses DataCore Perifery software specifically designed for appliances and peripheral devices. This next-generation software ensures that rapidly growing content archives are permanently protected and instantly accessible. The appliance is also powered by several key software components, including axisdit for fast, easy, real-time editing in the cloud; StorageDNA to simplify data protection and archiving from shared workflows; and Tiger Bridge to efficiently manage private and public cloud resources.

“We are thrilled to have StorageDNA integrated into the new SymplyPerifery appliance,” said tC (Tridib Chakravarty), President and CEO of StorageDNA. “This appliance addresses a critical industry need for a private, hybrid cloud media preservation solution.”

“This one-stop media archiving solution is a simple, cost-effective alternative to moving all media content to a long-term cloud,” said Sam Bogoch, CEO of “With DataCore Perifery, can leverage sophisticated metadata management capabilities and deliver a better media management experience to our customers. »

“The SymplyPerifery appliance is an exciting new solution,” said Alexander Lefterov, CEO of Tiger Technology. “Integrated with Tiger Bridge data management software, it allows users to seamlessly expand their primary storage into DataCore Perifery, providing a powerful and massively scalable single workspace. No changes to the workflow are necessary.