In our increasingly digital world, few areas of the technology industry are changing as rapidly as the management of big data and the drive to continually improve customer service. With approximately 79 zettabytes of data generated each year, the challenge of capturing and analyzing information grows exponentially. A good percentage of this streaming data flow is focused on delivering customer experiences, primarily online and transactional in nature.

Most of us don’t give it a second thought, but companies are investing heavily in making sure our digital experiences are as smooth and enjoyable as possible. For example, when you book a ride on Uber, make a purchase on Amazon, or stream content on Netflix, Hulu, or Apple+, every aspect of your interactions is part of your unique journey.

The three components of customer experience are called discovery, engagement, and delivery. Each happens seamlessly and almost instantaneously. As you can imagine, behind the scenes huge volumes of programming code are required to manage the flow of millions of website visits and digital interactions.

Organizations dealing with large streaming volumes typically use Apache Kafka, a popular open-source platform optimized for fault-tolerant stream processing. Due to Kafka’s unique ability to capture and store real-time data streams quickly and reliably, more than 80% of Fortune 500 companies use it as their core technology, including all those mentioned above.

Capitalizing on the positioning of this coding environment at the intersection of big data and customer experience is Driver, a French technology company. Founded by Nicolas Orban in late 2020, Conduktor is gaining momentum with the global developer community by making Kafka easier to use and navigate. The startup’s tool suite provides a user interface (Conduktor UI) and testing platform and is currently beta testing a quality assurance utility and a monitoring and alerting application.

While working at Deliveroo, a publicly listed food delivery company in Britain, Orban was first exposed to Kafka and was intrigued by the lack of tools available to monitor and interact with data. from Kafka, as well as code testing resources. Spurred by the size of the market and the lack of well-funded competitors, he assembled a small team to meet the obvious need for Kafka’s utilities, and thus Conduktor was formed. Within months of launching the first offerings, the scrappy company has garnered a fan base of developers at several of the world’s biggest companies.

“Since targeting our solutions at the global Kafka community, we have seen the ecosystem grow and change and the needs of data streaming programmers have evolved rapidly,” said Nicolas Orban, CEO of Conduktor. “Due to the popularity of Kafka, there is a shortage of experienced developers, which puts pressure on large organizations looking to expand their use of streaming data. Conduktor ideally meets the needs of both of these stakeholders. »

As to why data streaming has become an obsession for e-commerce and service-centric businesses, Orban points to recent studies on the subject.

“Nearly 90% of consumers consistently say that quality customer service is the most important factor in doing business with a provider, whether it’s a wireless carrier, cable company, airline, fashion brand or public service,” he said.

Like reliance on digital experiences such as shopping, entertainment, working from home, and even dating exploded During the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses in virtually every industry have increased their investments in improving the customer experience.

“Customers are not static entities and their needs are constantly changing, like a moving target,” he adds. “Therefore, the sooner you can collect and act on data, the better you will be able to adapt to their demands and outpace your competitors.”

According to users, the savings in time and money are significant in part because Conduktor smooths out the learning curve.

“Once we discovered Conduktor, our lives became much easier,” says Rea Maor, CTO and co-founder of OpenTag, developer of a real-time operating system widely used as microcontrollers on chipsets. “Once a developer adopts the platform, it becomes their tool of choice and Kafka becomes accessible to everyone, not just those with Kafka experience. Everyone should use it to use fully Kafka’s functionality.

Committed to continuing to roll out new products and staying on top of data streaming trends, the Conduktor team remains focused on becoming a leader in providing development resources for the data streaming market. Orban says the value of the Conduktor platform is to empower their user base to do more with their data, no matter how fast their needs change.

“Conduktor’s platform greatly helps companies take the next step in their data streaming journeys by lowering the barrier to entry for developers,” he says. “It simplifies their use of Kafka while improving quality control and accelerating the time to deploy new code.”