Recent data analysis reveals that around 6 in 10 Apple users have upgraded to iOS 15, just as the new iOS 15.2 is starting to be prepared for release.

The data analytics was released by Mixpanel, a software company developing self-service analytics tools that internet users can use in any online niche they want to occupy. Their study of iOS 15 adoption data was an attempt to bring more attention to its own data analysis tools, as well as a study of how Apple users are adopting them. new operating software. Apparently the numbers show that users are accepting them quite well, with iOS 15 only released towards the end of September. Two months is not a lot of time, especially for users who want to upgrade their phone’s software to something new. Android users take a while to finally decide to move on, Windows users curse every update that comes their way, mandatory or not. Apparently, however, more than half of the entire Apple team strongly agreed with the software change and accepted it quite well.

I think one of the main reasons Apple users are much more receptive to new updates has to do with the sense of trust the company has in its users. With each new software, users can be sure to bounce back. There is no worry about whether a new update will make the phone stand still or if there is an issue that will cause the device to run like a buggy. In fact, it’s not just the assurance of new, high-quality technology that users really care about, it’s also what these updates bring with them that users end up looking forward to. .

IOS 14 introducing tracking and transparency features ended up being a winning move for Apple, which received critical acclaim and led several users to migrate to the new operating system. With other fun features like widgets also in the mix, it’s no wonder Apple users are eager to migrate and try new things. Apple has gained such a clear reputation with its user base that new updates are seen not as a potential method of losing old functionality, but as a means of gaining new ones.

iOS 15 is approaching 61.26% downloads and may even have exceeded that number by the end of 2021. iOS 14 only holds 34.35% of the iOS market share.

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