Salt Lake City, Utah, Oct. 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Americans are ditching their Internet and TV plans and fighting inflation with a new trend: plans that combine mobile and Internet services, according to a HighSpeedInternet survey. com to 8,000 Internet customers.

“ISPs offer mobile service to their Internet customers at very competitive rates, often halving the price you pay with a major mobile operator,” said Austin Aguirre, Internet Expert at Add an internet service discount on top of these great deals, and customers have a very compelling reason to combine internet and mobile.

On the other hand, internet and TV packages seem to be getting a little less attractive every year. This notion is reflected in the survey results, with 42% of Americans saying they bundle their internet and TV plans, up from 58% in 2021.

Other key findings:

  • TV consolidators gave a lower satisfaction rating for the price (3.2/5) than clients that do not group at all (3.4/5).
  • Mobile consolidators reported a higher level of price satisfaction (3.6/5) than clients that do not group at all (3.3/5).
  • 17% of customers surveyed this year said they bundle their Internet and mobile services.

“With ISPs pushing internet and mobile plans with great rates and steep discounts, we expect to see more internet customers bundling with mobile. Customers clearly like the deals they get with these plans,” concluded Aguirre.

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Methodology:’s 2022 Customer Satisfaction Survey is based on responses from 8,000 Internet customers across the country. Customers were asked to rate key areas of their Internet service (speed, price, reliability, customer service) as well as their overall satisfaction with their provider. This survey collected customer responses and does not represent actual technical performance. Analysis not focused on a specific ISP or national or regional provider groups uses all applicable survey responses, including those from ISPs that were excluded from the report ranking.

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  • Satisfaction with TV prices compared to the mobile plan