The City of Hoboken today announced the Zero Waste initiative to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and improve the quality of life for residents as part of the city’s climate action plan. The climate action plan, adopted in 2019, provides key action items in pursuit of the city’s goals of being carbon neutral by 2050 and net zero energy by 2030. According to the Plan, solid waste represents approximately 10% of the city’s GHG emissions. .

The concept of zero waste goes beyond recycling and composting at the end of a product’s life cycle to focus on discarded waste as resources that can be managed in a way that preserves value, minimizes environmental impacts and conserve natural resources.

The City will begin collecting data to inform the creation of a zero waste plan that will outline the steps to achieve zero waste. To gather public feedback regarding solid waste and current waste management offerings, the City released the Zero Waste online survey today.

Residents and businesses can complete the survey at

Next week, the city and project team will conduct a waste audit to understand the composition of Hoboken’s waste streams from household, commercial and institutional sources. The data collected during the waste audit will inform the development of policies, programs and services to recommend in the zero waste plan.

The waste audit will collect samples of waste and sort them into several material categories to produce statistically representative and generalizable information about what is in the City’s waste and in what quantities. This effort will provide a baseline to compare future waste volumes and diversion rates and provide insight into the evolution of waste types.

Professionals from the city’s consulting firm will conduct the waste audit Monday, September 19 through Friday, September 23 at 200 Harrison St. Sorting will take place Monday through Friday, with the site set up on Saturday and broken down on Friday . Rodent bait stations have been placed around the perimeter of the site and will be maintained regularly before, during and after the waste sorting process.

Currently, the City collects waste for domestic, commercial and institutional properties, with no fees or variable collection requirements for commercial properties or businesses three times a week citywide and six days a week in the Limited Activity Zone . Mixed recycling is collected once a week across the city, as is paper recycling. The City collects recycled paper six times a week in the Limited Commercial Zone.

The City also launched a free residential compost drop-off program for organic recycling, which began with one drop-off site in 2019, expanded to four in 2020, and expanded to 12 in 2021.

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