Last name: Chad Jamrock

Hometown: Dyer, Indiana

High school: Lake Central High School, Class of 2019

PNW Diploma: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, with Minors in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, May 2023

Why did you choose your field of study?

Growing up, I was always very interested in technology and how it worked, which led me to buy my first computer when I was very young. Because of this, I always had the opportunity to tinker with computer hardware and software, and it only made me more interested. Throughout high school, I noticed how quickly the computer science field was growing and I knew that computer science would be something that would suit me perfectly. Then, throughout college, I became more and more interested in math and statistics, mainly because of the amazing math and statistics teachers that are at PNW. There are several very good teachers in this field who are very passionate about what they teach and who make learning enjoyable. Thanks to them, I am also pursuing minors in applied mathematics and statistics.

Why did you choose PNW?

I chose to go to PNW because it was close to home and it allowed me to save money while pursuing my dream. I’ve met a lot of great people and had a lot of great experiences at PNW, and I’m so glad I chose to come here.

What has been your most rewarding academic experience at PNW?

The most rewarding academic experience for me was back in Calculus 1 during my first semester of freshman year. Before this course, I always had a good general understanding of mathematics, but it wasn’t until this course that a lot of things started to click for me in the “world of mathematics”. I had a teacher who taught the math class and explained the material like I never had before, and it really made me understand so many things that are not only directly related to math, but also to my computer science and statistics courses. My way of thinking about math really changed after this course, and it made me realize so many amazing and interesting things you can learn from math.

Specific classroom learning projects/experiences that have been beneficial?

I think some of the most beneficial projects have been those related to data analysis. In my statistics courses and some of my computer courses, I had the opportunity to work on collecting data, cleaning data, entering them into databases and running different queries to observe different results. After working on some of these projects, I quickly realized the amazing things you can do with data and how much of a benefit it has. I learned that working with data produces a lot of meaningful information that we wouldn’t have been aware of.

Describe your student work in PNW Information Services

I started working in Information Services at the beginning of the Fall 2020 semester, where I worked in the Customer Service Center (CSC). During this time, I helped faculty, staff, and students with technology-related issues they encountered on campus. I really enjoyed this experience as it gave me the opportunity to work on my customer service skills while still working in an IT environment. In the summer of 2021, I was promoted to student supervisor and had other responsibilities such as training new team members and working on escalated issues.

After working at CSC for a while, I moved to the office team, which is the most “hands-on” team that travels around offices, labs, and wherever there is technology on the campus. We are responsible for setting up office workstations, coordinating office moves, lab cabling, and troubleshooting on-campus issues as they arise. We work on several hardware and software issues that involve replacing faulty computer parts, fixing software issues, and providing new solutions for the growing world of technology. My experience in the office has been beneficial as I have worked on countless different issues which gives me a lot of practical experience in the field.

PNW Activities/Organizations/Teams

I am currently in the Honors College of PNW. Honors College has given me an incredible opportunity to get more involved in the community and allowed me to go to many great places. I have also made so many lifelong friends through Honors College who have helped me grow throughout my college career.

Faculty and/or staff members who have helped you throughout your journey at PNW

Although I haven’t had many “personal” or “one-on-one” relationships with many teachers, there are teachers I really like who always go out of their way to try to keep up with their classes. Gokarna Aryal, Roger Kraft, Nicolae Tarfuela and Norma Elias are fantastic teachers whom I have continuously taken classes with due to their passion for their respective subjects. They really go above and beyond to help you learn and I’ve never had a negative moment in their classes, and they’re part of the reason I love what I’m learning so much.

Awards received at PNW

Throughout my years at PNW, I received scholarships, a Dean’s List, and semester honors.

What are your plans after graduation?

After graduation, I intend to work in a job that involves data science/data analytics. I want to combine my passion for computers and data into something that I will fully enjoy and derive satisfaction from. I think seeing my observations and predictions being used for something bigger is hugely inspiring, and I hope to do more field work in the near future.

Final Thoughts on Your PNW Training

I think overall PNW has been an amazing place that I have benefited from not only academically but also socially. I learned a ton of new things, met a lot of great people, and had a lot of great experiences during my time here. Between the Computer Science and Mathematics and Statistics departments, I learned so many things that will be incredibly beneficial to me when I start my career in the near future.