The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board has formed a partnership with Inpher Inc. under which they will form a “unique ecosystem of collaborators to create a secure data analytics network,” according to a press release issued Monday. .

Inpher’s cryptographic platform allows “machine learning models to be trained on data sources without exposing sensitive information or moving the data outside of its owner’s systems,” the agency said in the release. .

Noting that many companies have access to the same commoditized data streams through commercial providers, which limits the number of unique datasets in the market, CPPIB added in the statement that it will work closely collaboration with “various organizations to integrate new sources of data into forecasts and investment decisions”. -do, while keeping this data private and secure.”

CPPIB and Inpher will seek to establish a “network of trusted partners, including traditional data providers, enterprises and peer investors,” to enhance their “collective ability to leverage data assets,” it said. the pension fund said in the statement. For example, it could lead to “more accurate and timely analysis of macro trends, better understanding and prediction of company fundamentals and competitive dynamics, or collaboration with peer investors for portfolio insights.” aggregated”.

As part of this data privacy approach, CPPIB and Inpher will bring together a group of asset managers and data contributors to “generate new insights” and potentially “enhance investment research and help generate insights.” yields above industry benchmarks,” the statement said.

“Working with Inpher to leverage their technology to access non-public data sources aligns with our goal to improve our information advantage and drive value for the CPP Fund over the long term,” said said Daniel Wroblewski, Executive Director and Head of CPPIB’s Alpha Generation Lab. . “As certain data sources become more mainstream, we seek to be a leader in finding and implementing new data that allows us to create differentiated insights.”

CPPIB’s Alpha Generation Lab was created to “identify and pursue research initiatives and transformational change focused on the intersection of investment, technology, and data,” the statement said.

Based in Toronto, CPPIB oversees the management of the C$550.4 billion ($441 billion) Canada Pension Plan.

CPPIB and Inpher could not immediately be contacted for further details.