ZURICH, December 17, 2021 / PRNewswire / – BC platforms (BCP), a global leader in healthcare data management and analysis, today announced a new clinical collaboration with the Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine (CCPM) and reported on its exceptional performance in 2021. Its new data partnership with the Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine (CCPM) will support the clinical translation of its basic research, including the potential to ensure improved and more personalized drug compatibility for patients. In 2021, BCP successfully delivered real world data (RWD) and significantly expanded platform access to support research and development (R&D) in healthcare focused on precision medicine. Leveraging its data network and the flagship BC | INSIGHT platform, which organizes and analyzes data in a secure format to advance personalized healthcare research, BCP has led impactful and transformational initiatives in areas keys such as lung cancer, COVID-19, Duchenne muscular dystrophy and several others.

As part of the CCPM partnership, BCP’s flagship platform BC | GENOME and its pharmacogenomic logic module have been integrated into the molecular outcomes module of CCPM’s EPIC clinical system, including the use of patient consent data. Such direct data integration between BC | GENOME and EPIC clinical systems allows the latter to inform providers of any gene-drug conflict at their point of care. This potentially reduces clinical prescribing and / or administrative errors through a pharmacogenetic-based personalized medicine approach.

BC Platforms Data’s global network footprint has grown rapidly to now include RWD equivalent to approximately 25 million patient lives, including longitudinal clinical data in addition to 500k genetic data of patients, in 14 countries Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa. It is well positioned for future expansion as organizations continue to recognize the value of rapid access to carefully organized and carefully managed patient data.

Tero silvola, CEO of BCP, said: “As 2021 continued to be influenced by the debilitating coronavirus pandemic, it highlighted the urgent need for data digitization across the healthcare ecosystem. faster generation of translatable and actionable research information. Our latest international partnership, with the Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine, may prove essential in reporting gene-drug conflicts in clinical practice.

As part of its mission to accelerate R&D, BCP announced earlier this year that BC | INSIGHT would be used as part of the main “IDx-LUNG” consortium to improve early detection of lung cancer in a clinical trial involving more than 15,000 people, led by the University of Leeds and the University of Southampton Clinical Trials Unit, in collaboration with other healthcare, diagnostic and IT companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Roche, Oncimmune and Inivata. The study could contribute to methods of early detection of cancer, which could translate into saving patients’ lives – a true example of personalized medicine having an immediate impact on individual patients, while providing benefits for companies. for large health systems.

2021 was also a pivotal year in terms of securing multiple pharmaceutical partnerships, to enable RWD access and help fuel R&D across multiple therapeutic areas and across the R&D continuum – from discovery to clinical needs. data from the marketing approval phase. These partners include seven leading pharmaceutical companies.

BCP will continue to expand its presence in the healthcare sector through the continued signing of strategic global partnerships. This has grown alongside a growing interest in gaining more diverse access to global genomic data with a particular focus on Europe, Asia and Africa. To this end, BCP provided platform-based support to regional genomics services such as the African Genome Institute for All (AiEG) biobank, as well as a new partnership with Artisan Biomed in Africa as part of its mission to promote access to precision medicine around the world.

In 2022, BCP also partnered with from Japan Riken Research Institute and Finnish Institute for Health and Well-Being (THL), in an international research effort to support the development of a precision prediction model to identify those most at risk of COVID-19 and improve society’s resilience to the coronavirus pandemic. Research has focused on developing precise disease stratification algorithms using information geometry and artificial intelligence to determine which people are most at risk of death and hospitalization from COVID- 19.

Secondary use of RWD has brought many benefits: making healthcare more cost and time efficient, expanding knowledge about diseases and treatments, and supporting public health goals, such as detecting pandemics emerging. But the increasingly widespread use of health data raises important ethical questions. One of the strategic partners of BCP, an American patient rights organization, Cure Duchenne, wanted to address some of these challenges by creating a participant-centric biobank capable of integrating various types of data into a single data warehouse. . In 2021, CureDuchenne launched CureDuchenne Link ™, the first Duchenne and Becker muscular dystrophy data center in the United States that directly connects data and biological samples provided by the patient community to scientists and drug developers around the world. Powered by BC | INSIGHT, it enables the automated ingestion and harmonization of clinical information and multiple types of data, including genomic and other omics data.

For its healthcare clients, BCP has provided cutting-edge interpretation services on genomics-related knowledge, with 2021 being an important year for the emergence of pharmacogenomics (PgX) in clinical practice. One of its main partnerships in this area is with Bumrungrad International Hospital, in Bangkok, thailand, one of the largest private hospitals in South East Asia and a global leader in the delivery of healthcare and pioneering clinical research. With advancements in genotyping technology and NGS, clinical laboratories are moving from single-gene testing to multigenic panels for PGx, with SNV panel testing still being the most widely used technology. Without BCP’s expertise, interpretation of SNV data could otherwise prove difficult.

Nino de Silva, Deputy Director General, BCP, noted: “2021 has seen us evolve along with our vision to create the world’s leading analytics platform for the healthcare and life sciences industry. We aim to facilitate access to our easy-to-use, integrated solutions such as BC | INSIGHT and BC | GENOME, to deliver secure and actionable data – partnering internationally to seamlessly connect healthcare and research in genomics. companies. We encourage healthcare systems to invest in consent and data infrastructure as it provides a solid foundation that underpins personalized medicine and ultimately improves patient outcomes. Through our latest partnership with the Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine, we anticipate that the lives of patients will be directly and positively impacted through BC | GENOME. “

About BC platforms

BC Platforms is a global leader in providing a powerful data and technology platform for personalized medicine, accelerating the translation of knowledge into clinical practice. Our technology drives the endless loop between personalized care and research discoveries, leveraging the latest scientific advances, deep technical expertise, strategic partnerships and harmonized and diverse data collections. Our high-performance genomic data discovery and analysis platform enables flexible data integration, secure analysis, and interpretation of molecular and clinical information. In addition, BC Platforms has developed a global network of BCRQUEST.com data partners, which allows us to access more than 25 million patients through Europe, Americas, Africa, and in Asia with rich data for pharmaceutical and medical research and development.

Founded in 1997 from a spin-off of the MIT Whitehead project, the company has a strong scientific heritage backed by more than 20 years of working closely with a network of leading researchers, developers and industrial partners. BC Platforms has global operations with its headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, research and development at Espoo, Finland, and presence in London, Boston and Singapore. For more information, please visit www.bcplatforms.com or follow us on LinkedIn @BC Platforms.

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