Top 20 Leaders for Cloud Database Management Systems

The world’s largest cloud computing companies, from Microsoft, Amazon Web Services and Google to Oracle and IBM, are vying for a leadership position in the growing database management systems industry as the global market continues to grow. move to the cloud.

IT research firm Gartner predicts that cloud database management systems will account for 50% of total database management system (DBMS) market revenue in 2022, according to the new Magic Quadrant Gartner for cloud database management systems.

Many of the market-leading companies have the ability to offer multi-cloud, cross-cloud, and hybrid-cloud DBMS solutions, but not all vendors can do all three, and they don’t do it equally well.

By 2025, cloud preference for data management will significantly narrow the vendor landscape, while the growth of multi-cloud will increase the complexity of data governance and integration, according to Gartner.

A total of 20 vendors have created Gartner’s cloud database management systems, which include the world’s largest cloud companies as well as some of the world’s most prominent cloud innovators.

CRN breaks down the 20 vendors in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Cloud Database Management Systems that are the top global leaders by market share, along with their strengths and weaknesses.