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March 20, 2022

Here are the top 10 data science companies in Hyderabad forming a software hub in the city

Data science in Hyderabad comprises the software hub around which all types of data science work takes place including integration and exploration of data from various sources, coding and model building. It also leverages data, deploys models in production, and delivers results through model-based apps or reports. It enables data scientists in a single environment to uncover actionable insights from data, plan strategy, and communicate insights gathered across the enterprise. This article lists the top 10 data science companies in Hyderabad for 2022.

1. Kanerika Inc.

Kanerika Inc. is known for improving productivity and responsiveness through intelligent automation and better data quality for efficient businesses. It provides services such as digital consulting, technological excellence, as well as an innovation laboratory to improve decision-making processes. He is known for creating innovative strategies with digital consulting frameworks and composable solution architecture.

2. SetuServ

SetuServ helps to discover deep insights from different sources like social media comments, survey comments, chat logs and many more with the help of data science. It focuses on product development or product innovation, customer service, reputation management automation, content marketing optimization, and consumer insights. The data science company leverages custom AI with its Skierarchy platform. It provides products such as consumer review insights and signals, as well as review management automation.

3. Helical Technology

Helical Tech is known as the technology guru in data warehousing, big data analytics, as well as business intelligence to help consult on suitable hardware and software as per industry requirements. ‘business. It focuses on big data implementation, data analysis and many more with open source tools. It offers a product portfolio consisting of Helical Information and Helical Scrunch with a wide range of services such as AWS Quick View Consulting, AWS Glue Consulting, Pentaho Consulting and many more.


XenonStack successfully drives augmented intelligence with a cloud-native first approach and data intelligence to drive businesses toward goals. It provides a human and data-centric approach for smart results with modern cloud applications. He knows how to harness the power of data in the data-centric world to effectively build AI-based AI applications and solutions. It is focused on cloud transformation strategy, legacy modernization, and automation with analytics.

5. DataFactZ

DataFactZ is a well-known business analytics company that leverages the strengths of big data to drive the right decision-making process. It offers unprecedented data-driven solutions with supply chain analytics, customer analytics, social media analytics, real-time analytics, and risk analytics. It offers a wide range of solutions such as retail solutions, automotive solutions, manufacturing solutions, healthcare solutions, insurance solutions, banking solutions, as well as energy and utility solutions.

6. Quadratyx

Quadratyx is a leading data science company focused on consulting, consumer insights and data automation by harnessing the power of real-time data through data science and big data. Quadratyx Scanalityx is known as the world’s most diverse cognitive data mining solution. It helps to read and classify data from multiple documents effectively and efficiently. Quadratyx solutions help uncover adverse drug interactions with NLP from 450 million text notes. There is a wide range of solutions for customers, such as advanced analytics, cognitive automation, data lake analytics, intelligent decision assistants, and many more.

7. Valuable Labs

ValueLabs is known for its wide range of services to increase a company’s revenue through advanced technologies. Services include data and analytics with data, business intelligence, machine learning and artificial intelligence. There are custom data solutions by leveraging big data analytics, cloud data warehouse, data visualization, data engineering, as well as data management services. It unlocks deep insights to drive better business results.

8. Virtusa

Virtusa is one of the popular data science companies focused on helping to achieve digital transformational change effectively and efficiently. It offers innovative services such as digital consulting and design services, digital engineering services, cloud transformation services and managed services with a digital transformation studio and transformation accelerators.

9. Reachout Analytics Pvt. ltd.

Reachout Analytics is known as a consulting organization focused on data science and business analytics for over 210 projects with high accuracy. It partners with corporate organizations to train the design process with over 167 corporate and individual training programs around the world.

10. Grasse

Gramener is a top data science company focused on designing to solve complex problems with compelling data stores with deep insights and a low-code analytics platform. The low-code platform helps build engaging data and AI solutions for rapid development. It offers a wide range of solutions on geospatial AI, digital twin, computer vision and NLP or NLG. There are custom data or AI solutions, low-code platforms for data applications, cloud-native SaaS products, and data science consulting.

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